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How To Wear All White Outfits

how to wear all white outfits summer
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Hello heatwave! How unreal has the weather in London been this week?! I can't quite believe it. Admittedly, I'm not a big fan of intense heat like this in the capital but it has definitely added to my excitement levels for my upcoming holiday. One thing I've been really loving throughout the heatwave is light, neutral, white outfits. I've completely fallen for whites and nudes this summer and in this blog post, I wanted to chat a little bit about how I've been styling my all white outfits this season and a few tips on how to wear white.
summer all white outfit

how to wear all white outfitsbroderie anglaise mini skirt missguided
Summer sun and white outfits go hand in hand. It's the perfect way to help a tan pop and there's just something about an all white outfit worn in the summer months that I adore. This year I've fallen hard for outfits like this but I initially found it quite hard to mix and match white pieces in my wardrobe. Instead, opting for a classic white dress or one-piece as they're so easy to throw on and not have to think too much about completing the look.

More recently I've become more experimental with my white outfits and I've been pairing various different pieces together. I've always loved wearing multiple items of the same colour together (like pairing a pink top with matching pink trousers or playing around different hues of the same colour) and so it felt pretty natural matching up whites. It can actually be really tricky to find the exact same shades of white so something I like to do is to mix different white textures together to mask this.

With this outfit, I'm wearing a lightweight (pretty creased *oops*) white shirt which I've paired with a broderie anglaise style mini skirt. If you look closely at the images, you can tell both pieces slightly differ in colour but I think the different textures together cover this up and compliment each other nicely.

peexo summer accessories all whitepeexo all white summer outfits
how to style white outfits summer
accessorising all white outfitsstyling all white outfits peexo summer fashion

Next, let's talk accessorising a white outfit. 

I would happily add some white accessories to finish off the look, a white handbag and white sliders for example. Really easy to do and it would completely encapsulate a lighter, white wardrobe for summer. However, if that's not your kind of thing then choose neutrals, always.

Neutrals go with everything: an all white outfit, an all black outfit, a rainbow outfit - honestly, the possibilities are endless when it comes to neutrals. I paired my white outfit with a straw bag, a summer essential as it's a bag fit for any occasion! Along with some nude shoes. My shoes definitely have some Chanel vibes but they're an inexpensive dupe from the high street. Despite the pointed toe being black, it's such a classic style of shoe that it goes with everything.

Those are a few ways I've been styling white outfits recently. I have accumulated quite a lot of white pieces and I'm certain I'll be wearing loads more outfits like this next month in Portugal too! In my opinion, these are the perfect kind of outfits to wear in this heat and I always feel summer ready in an all white look.
easy summr stylepeexo easy summer style all white outfits

*Sunglasses - RayBan
*Shirt - Topshop
*Broderie skirt - Missguided [gifted]
*Round straw bag - H&M [gifted]
*Two-tone shoes - Oasis
[Photos taken by Faith]

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