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Reminiscing Over Last Summer

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So many of my friends often spend the year longing for summer but I've never been that person, much preferring the crisp Autumn days and cool Winter months to the unbearable heat of the summer. Although last year I saw a complete change in myself and my surroundings throughout the summer months and now that I come to think of it, it's actually something that I definitely missed as the days got shorter and nights got longer. With summer finally here and the weather heating up at last, I wanted to do some reminiscing over summer 2018 and what it taught me.

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Summer is always slow for me, especially when it comes to work and that's something that really lingers at the back of my mind for the duration of July through 'till September. Being a self-employed blogger/Instagrammer/influencer (whatever the given term is nowadays) means that, for me, there rarely ever is a stable income which is something that I find terrifying most of the time and in the summer is heightened because of my usual lack of work.

Last year I tried to banish these thoughts and just live in the now. Make the most of the summer, enjoy the sun and spending time with my family and friends both abroad and at home. For years I've travelled to Portugal in August and I'm fortunate that I'm still able to do this with the job that I have now but I started to forget that. I began to loathe another 3 weeks away in Portugal but equally, not wanting to spend the summer in London alone as my parents always go and lots of my friends travel then too. I tried to embrace it and actually have a real holiday which meant not thinking too much about creating content twice a day for my Instagram, taking pictures for blog posts and filming videos for YouTube and you know what, it was fine.

I think I'll always find travelling daunting because I'm so aware of how it impacts my work - usually in more of a negative way than a positive one - but I want to be able to change this and learn to take the opportunity to switch off and relax from time to time. I don't need to post twice a day every single day; that's something I've started to come to terms with since my week off Instagram (read my blog post: I Signed Off Instagram for a Week, Here's What Happened) and it's nice to take some of the pressure off every once in a while!
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Initially I wasn't sure what to write in this blog post (it's been sitting in my drafts since last summer after a visit to the Mayfield Lavender Field) filled with pictures but no text so I thought I'd reminisce over the last summer, what it taught me and how I'm focusing on that knowledge this year.

Admittedly I'm not sure what this summer will bring. As I mentioned, I'll be going to Portugal in August and spending just over 3 weeks there with my family which I am looking forward to. Although that doesn't stop me feeling nervous about what the month will hold for me in terms of work opportunities, engagement etc. (all the things most people don't care much about but play a huge role in my job!) I'm hoping to leave some of that behind and just focus on enjoying my time and making the most of my travels this summer.

Want to see what I got up to in Portugal last year? See my blog post My Summer In Portugal on Film.

When I was younger, I used to say my love for winter was down to me being a December baby and therefore loving the colder months but I'm not so sure that's true anymore! Ask me whether I'd rather be hot or cold though and I will always choose cold (I know, I know, unpopular opinion!)
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