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September 2019

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Honestly, HOW is it already October?! September literally flew by. I'm excited for pumpkin season and for things to really start feeling autumnal. We had so much rain and dreary weather throughout September so I'm ready for the crisp autumn mornings, cold breeze and sunshine. So here's a recap of the past month including what I've been watching on TV, the books I've been reading, the inspirational accounts I've been following on Instagram and other life things!

My Current Watch-List (TV Edition)

British TV has been amazing this month and on most evenings I find myself glued to the TV screen. I love cosying up to watch TV as the days get shorter and evenings grow darker. So on my watch list throughout this month have been:

  • A Confession, ITV
  • The Capture, BBC One
  • The Circle, Channel 4
  • Strictly Come Dancing, BBC One
  • The Great British Bake Off, Channel 4

What are you currently enjoying on TV?

Inspirational Instagram Accounts

Recently I had an Instagram clear out where I unfollowed profiles that weren't inspiring me anymore and that I no longer related to. I follow between 600 - 700 accounts and in my cull, I unfollowed just under 50 accounts.

I check Instagram daily and so I felt that it was important to ensure all the images and content that I see every day, is content that inspires me and has a positive impact on me. I started following a few new accounts for inspirational quotes. Seeing an inspirational quote on a near daily basis gives me a little confidence boost when I least expect it.

What I've Read This Month

I bought a couple of new books (Amazon has an offer on some paperbacks: 2 for £7) so I bought A Good Girl's Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson and The Truth About Keeping Secrets by Savannah Brown, I think I'll begin with reading the latter. In September I finished If You Could Go Anywhere  by Paige Toon which was ok, nothing amazing, a fairly easy read.

Opening a Joint Account

My boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for almost 7 years now but don't live together so we've never felt the need to put money into a joint account. We usually just take it in turns to pay whenever we go out which made sense for us. But this month we decided to open up a joint account and put in a monthly lump sum to use instead. We're using Monzo because it was so easy to set up and we both really like the fact we can see where our money is spent (which is basically just spent on food!) and that we both get notifications whenever we spend. We also both have our own cards for the joint account so either of us can use it.

Not much changes really - it just feels like a step in the right direction as we do eventually want to move out and have our own place, so staying on top of finances (even if it's just for the odd meal out) is a good start. 

I thought I'd mention this as every time I chat about it with my friends it receives ooo's and aaa's because it's kind of a big deal. Sharing your money with someone, even if it is only a set amount monthly, feels very grown up. As we begin to save up money in our joint account, I'm sure we can then use it towards holidays and more!

Exploring New Areas In London

Earlier on in the month I was invited to stay at the newly opened Mama Shelter London [gifted stay]. Located in Shoreditch and only a stones throw away from Columbia Road Flower market (which was very exciting for me as I had never been before!) Mama Shelter London is such a cool and quirky space. Shoreditch is an area I rarely venture to as it's quite hard to get to if you're from SW like I am, to be honest it's even a bit difficult from my boyfriend's place in north London too, so we really enjoyed getting to explore a new area. As well as stay somewhere new in London too!

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