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Valentine's Day Inspiration

This week the majority of blogs I follow are preparing for Valentine's Day with hints and tips on how to look your very best. I thought I'd join in with a little evening outfit inspiration post!

When it comes to Valentine's Day opinions are very split. Some people loathe it while others love it. I've always enjoyed it regardless of what I'm doing. Yes, there are those annoying couples who just surpass the ultimate cringe level, but rather than being the Scrooge of Valentine's Day I've always done something to mark the occasion and used it as an excuse to dress up...

For any of you who, like myself, still don't know what to wear I've put two different looks together so you can pick out similar pieces from your wardrobe to create your perfect look for whatever you're doing tomorrow or this weekend (it doesn't have to be Valentine's Day related). The first look is more of an evening look for a dinner or a night out, and the second is a slightly more casual one.

Both looks incorporate the colour red either in accessories or in a main piece just because it's Valentine's Day so you can! Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to wear those bright red colours that are lying around in your wardrobe that you usually wouldn't pick out and wear on a daily basis. Obviously don't get carried away and go out in an all red ensemble from head to toe.. unless you can pull it off!

I hope this post gives you some outfit ideas. Let me know what you'll be doing, and wearing, to celebrate Valentine's Day this year in the comments below :)
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  1. The second outfit is really cute ^_^

    1. The first one is basically what I'm wearing tomorrow haha! X

  2. I love having a LBD and adding a pop of color to it! It takes a simple dress to the next level and its super chic at the same time. Love both of these outfits!!


    1. Same! It's what makes LBD's so wearable and versatile for an evening look and even a daytime look! X