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Black bodycon dress - Miss Selfridge

First of all I have to mention that these photos were all taken on my iPhone (this wasn't a post I planned on doing) so they won't be of great quality and there's a lot of bad lighting but I had such a lovely night on Valentine's Day that I wanted to share with you where we went and what I wore of course! I hope you like this post and even though this is what I did on Valentine's Day it can be done on any special occasion...

My boyfriend and I went to dinner at Boyd's Brasserie Bar & Lounge close to Trafalgar Square. Location wise, obviously it's great, it's situated right in the centre of London and just a short walk from Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, Southbank and so on. When you go in the decor is lovely, it's very grand with beautiful chandeliers and low lighting which set a lovely, romantic mood.

The food was also great, I guess going to a slightly "posh" place means you get less on your plate, which for some people is an instant turn off but I feel it's justifiable on special occasions (although I don't tend to eat a lot - I get full very quickly but am hungry again shortly after) I happily went through a starter, main course and dessert which is incredibly rare for me, so the portions were just right! Anyway, enough about the restaurant; the bottom line is if you're looking for a classy place to dine, I recommend trying out Boyd's.

Onto what I wore! If you saw my last post (here) you'll notice I took some inspiration from the post myself. I can safely say a little black dress is something that almost every girl has in their wardrobe, it's such a classic piece and it's so versatile. I chose this LBD because it has bare shoulders which I think make a simple bodycon dress look so classy. I wore a pair of red heels to finish the look because it wouldn't feel like Valentine's Day without a touch of red!

Accessory wise I wore a gorgeous pair of Forever 21 drop earrings in pink and orange tones, they fall really nicely on a bare shoulder. I piled on some gold H&M rings and a Folli Follie heart ring. I wore a rose gold Michael Kors watch and matching rose gold Michael Kors bracelet. I also curled my hair for the night which I like to do whenever I have time to get ready; let me know if you'd like to see how I do that, I can do a post on what products and tools I use.

I'd love to know what you did to celebrate Valentine's Day this year. Leave me any comments below :)
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  1. such a pretty dress you look amazing

  2. Hi Patricia, fab dress and shoes! Looks like you had a great time! Here's my blog on Valentine's day, hope you enjoy it!!


    1. Thanks hun! It was lovely, will check yours out too :) X

  3. Gorgeous dress! I'll definitely be checking out that restaurant. It looks like you had a lovely evening!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


  4. Lovely outfit! good to know that you enjoyed your day! |

  5. Lovely post! You looked gorgeous! :-) that dress is stunning!

    I didn't do much with my valentines day! I did get roses and chocolates though! :-)

    1. Thanks! Well roses are gorgeous and chocolates taste good so who's complaining!? Haha X

  6. That is such a pretty dress,You looked so lovely !! :) Thank you for giving me your link on the #bloghour chat , your blog is really nice !!

  7. Every girl needs that killer LBD! You look fab chick x


  8. Indeed classy. Love your outfit! <3


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