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Black embroidered shoulders leather jacket - Miss Selfridge

For this look I basically wore all black. In the winter I tend to gravitate towards dark colours because the weather is usually awful and the dark winter mornings and early evenings don't call for colour. So this is yet another (almost) all black ensemble. I don't ever just wear black though, so of course there is still a splash of colour too...

I wore my trusty leather jacket.. need I say more? It's my all year round saviour, I really do love a good leather jacket because they're just so versatile and can be worn with anything. If you don't have a leather jacket then you NEED to get one! The jumper is from Vero Moda, a brand I hadn't heard of but as I was browsing through ASOS I came across a few jumpers I liked; this one has three white stripes going across it which add a slight nautical feel and change a plain black jumper.

I wore black joni jeans which I seem to be wearing very often this winter without realising it. When I come to writing my posts I think to myself "gosh I've written about these before" haha, but it just goes to show how much I'm relying on them this winter. They're a great fit but quite short on me which is annoying because 32" length is usually fine but these ones are shorter which is annoying if I ever want to wear converse because I need to sport a bare ankle and it's too cold for that at the moment!

So I wore a pair of black boots; I fell in love with these boots as soon as I saw them. I'm so happy I bought them; I tend to not buy heeled shoes because I'm quite tall and end up feeling uncomfortable (pretty sure I've said this before too haha) but I love these so much they had to be mine and I love wearing them! My black bag is always making appearances in my posts I felt it deserved it's own dedicated post - you can check that out here for more details.

To complete the look I wore a chunky green scarf which is a must in the winter. I don't go anywhere without either wearing a scarf or having one stuffed in my bag because it can get so cold outside. I then wore a silver Parfois necklace, silver Primark rings and some small silver hoops from a Portuguese jewellers. 

Photos taken by Maria from Maria Marmite.
What colour do you wear the most in the winter? Leave me any comments below :) 
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  1. I normally wear navy, black and burgundy during the winter XD

    I remember this photoshooottt its was the last one of the first time :)

  2. Those boots look so cool! The quilted pattern is such a neat idea. And the scarf is a gorgeous colour. Love your blog :-)

    Rachel is Elsewhere

    1. Thanks! They've definitely been staple pieces this winter :) X

  3. I love the boots :) I go for dark colours too, can't wait for summer to come back again! x

    1. I know! & pastels in the spring will be a lovely alternative too! X

  4. Replies
    1. It's a real gem; I've always searched for different colours but they're not sold anymore :( X