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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

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2) Ghostly Makeup: blog post // video tutorial

If you hadn't already noticed I've definitely got into the Halloween spirit during the past couple of weeks here on Peexo. I've been sharing a few of my looks on Instagram using the #PeexoHalloween hashtag so you can head over there for a look at some more photos. And so, with it being Halloween today, it was only right that my post be Halloween related. I thought it would be fun to show you some of my past Halloween looks and some I went ahead and recreated this year. I've been pinning away on Pinterest too so I've accumulated quite a variety of ideas if these aren't your cup of tea.

I posted two tutorials on my YouTube channel too (search peexo vlogs), Ghostly Makeup. If you haven't seen those yet then head on over to my channel and take a quick look - they're really short, and pretty basic videos so should be relatively easy to follow. I'd also love if you subscribed to my new channel too, it's always daunting starting something new and YouTube is definitely a scary place - I received my first 'mean' comment within a few hours of uploading my first video and it was so gutting. Nonetheless, I want to keep going and try to create a channel I'm proud of.

What are you going as this Halloween?



  1. Wow that is pure brilliance and mad talent involved. Around of applause for actually doing the madness. We do not celebrate Halloween in South Africa, such a pity, looks like so much fun. lol all the looks. The pop art is quite a favourite among all.

    Love it.