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Monthly Recap #9

1. Furry Friend \\ 2. Still In Pastels \\ 3. Leopard, Check \\ 4. Tortilla \\ 5. Back In Black \\ 6. Knee High \\ 7. Monochrome \\ 8. Zebra Shift \\ 9. Black Forever \\ 10. Wrapping Up \\ 11. Anniversary \\ 12. Well Done Primark \\ 13. Peter Pan Collar \\ 14. T-shirt Blanc \\ 15. Making A Statement

Wow, these posts are becoming pretty hefty!

For a while I've been debating about whether or not to carry on with my monthly recap posts, whilst they're not as popular as my other posts I quite like to write them because I feel like I'm letting you in on a bit more of my life in terms of where my blog is going and what I've been doing throughout the past month. These have been recaps of my outfits the past month because as I write a fashion blog I thought it would be the most interesting and/or useful way to have all my outfits in one place. However, I've already toyed with the idea of doing a monthly recap through Instagram (like my Portugal via Instagram post) so that you can get more of an insight. Let me know what you think.

Onto my month, this has been my first full month back at university and deadlines are already insane! I have so much work to produce with at least one deadline per week, so second year is definitely going to be more of a push than my first year was but I feel ready for it nonetheless. It feels good to be back in some sort of routine and actually be doing something - I know some of you will think I'm mad for saying it but a three month holiday was just so long! I swear I forgot how to pick up a pen.

I made my YouTube debut this month too, please subscribe if you haven't already - just search 'peexo vlogs' on YouTube or subscribe here! It's so weird to say I'm doing YouTube videos as I only really associate it to big names but I think it's a fun thing to do - I'd love to work on it more when I have the time but for now I'll just be posting a few things every now and again - I'm not creating a schedule or anything because I need to focus on university and on keeping my blog running the way I want it to.

Excitingly, earlier on in the month I was shortlisted in StyleCaster's "Top 50 fashion blogs you haven't discovered yet" which was crazy! I was really pleased to see my blog make it to the top 50, it's so rewarding to see that your hard work, and what I've been working towards, is somehow paying off.

With that said, I hope you liked this little recap and my outfits of the past month! October has been a bit of a weird month as the weather has still been pretty good and the sun still shines. My favourite outfits this month were 1, 5, 9 and 10. Which outfits were your favourite in October?

What have you been up to this month?

P.S. My birthday is exactly 1 month away! I'm not going to be a teenager anymore... stay tuned for some birthday themed posts


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