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Beach Essentials & Giveaway

peexo fashion blogger beach essentials and giveaway
Today is all about summer and heading to the beach and/or pool, luckily the weather today is much better than it has been all week so it might still be a possibility in the UK!

A waterproof mascara is an essential if you have tiny eyelashes like I do and want to make them pop, my favourite is the Lash Sensational so I'd definitely be after that in waterproof for the summer! I think a lip balm is also an essential, my favourite to use abroad are the EOS balms because they're pretty big and don't get lost amidst the clutter in my bag, Urban Outfitters sells them if you're after any, but The Body Shop born lippy lipbalm is a good hydrating option for those of you who don't want something so bulky in your bag. I add a travel mirror and The Body Shop Vitamin E face mist this was so amazing last year, I absolutely love it, it's perfect to help you cool down a little when it gets too hot, and not to talk about all the vitamins in it.

I also came across a really cool concept called SmartSun these are basically one-use bracelets which help you keep an eye on sun intake. They start off yellow and turn different colours depending on whether you need to apply more sunscreen or get out of the sun based on the amount of exposure you have had. These are great if you're spending a long time at the beach and exposed to the sun all day or if you're going on a city break, the idea of applying sunscreen usually doesn't cross my mind so one of these bracelets would be super useful as a reminder. In terms of sunscreen, my go to is Clarins but I usually buy these either at the airport or abroad because they're slightly cheaper and they don't add weight to my luggage.

peexo fashion blogger beach essentials and giveaway
Finally, my fashion essentials which you can see in my latest video where I went through my Top 5 Fashion beach essentials in my latest video and there's another chance to win a bikini in this weeks video on my channel, so make sure you watch that too to find out how to enter!

If you can't wait for summer and want to get your hands on a new bikini asap (I mean, when you can customise it to your own then why wait!) Pinkcess have given me an exclusive discount code to share with you, it entitles you to a bikini for $40 dollars so you save $20 on a bikini of your choice! Amazing right?! And even better, when converted into pounds it's a total bargain. Oh and if that wasn't enough... there's free delivery too!
Check out their pre-made bikinis here and create your own here.
To make the most of this offer use the discount code PEEXO at the checkout.

Giveaway time!
Luckily for you this week I'm giving away 5 bikinis! Every day this week I'm launching a giveaway across my different social media platforms so that gives you the possibility of winning five bikinis if you enter all the giveaways and are really lucky!

Here are the details: Monday: Instagram (@peexo) // Tuesday: YouTube (peexo vlogs) // Wednesday: Facebook (peexo blog) // Thursday: here! // Friday: Twitter (@peexo)

All giveaways will last 1 week, and all winners announced next week so you can still get your bikini in time for summer!

To Enter:
1) Follow peexo on bloglovin' [here]
2) Let me know what your beach essentials are in the comments below
3) Tweet about the giveaway, tagging me @peexo

What are your beach essentials?


  1. My beach essential is sunscreen for sure!
    I don't want to get too dark! Hehe

  2. My beach essentials are definitely some sunglasses and suncream! Then I am good to go :)

    I follow and I have tweeted! X

    Ashleigh x

    ♡ Being Ashleigh - Lifestyle, Food, Photography and Fashion blog ♡

  3. my beach essentials are a towel and sun shades and sunscreen xx fabulous giveaway xx


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