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Summer Makeup, Hair and Outfit

peexo fashion blogger makeup hair and outfit in portugal summer
peexo fashion blogger summer outfit hair and makeup
peexo fashion blogger summer outfit hair and makeup
peexo fashion blogger summer outfit hair and makeup
This is a long overdue video from my time in Portugal a few months back. I had wanted to film my outfits of the week but didn't get the chance to. I managed to film a couple of looks though and I found some footage which I put together to create something a little different. I'm showing you my makeup, hair and outfit of the day; a little like a get ready with me, minus the getting ready haha!

I hope you enjoy, and if so, I'm thinking I might make these a monthly thing or something (but I said that about my Beauty Buys series and that hasn't worked out so don't hold me to that!)

7UP Tshirt - Zara (similar)
Skirt - River Island
Lace up shoes - Parfois (similar)
Small bag (c/o) - F&F
Sunglasses - River Island

You can see the makeup I wore in the video but I forgot to mention the curlers I used, they're from UKI which is an Italian brand, perfect if you're a frequent flyer because the curlers have an international plug. I've left mine in Portugal so when I go back - which is pretty much annually - I have a pair of curlers I can use without having to worry about taking some from home.

I'm hoping to film a summer lookbook and a few more summer themed videos whilst I'm in Portugal so fingers crossed they'll happen and you'll be able to see those soon! If you're not yet subscribed to my channel then make sure you do, there may even be some weekly vlogs from Portugal! Just search peexo vlogs.

What's your go-to summer hair, makeup and outfit?


  1. Ah I love Portugal! My Grandma lived there so I spent most of my summer holidays as a child there. Great outfit! x

    1. It's such a lovely place to be, I'm looking forward to the sunshine! X

  2. Replies
    1. I bought them a couple of years ago now but always come back to them! X


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