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Avon Matte Lipsticks: Swatches

new avon matte lipsticks
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I recently got my hands on some of the new matte lipsticks from Avon and I was dying to give them a try! As soon as I opened up the bullets I was surprised as they don't look like any other lipstick I own, the bullet itself looks really matte which I thought was unusual, I've never come across any like it before so I couldn't wait to give them a go.

The lipsticks come in black packaging which is also matte like the bullet itself, it's lovely to hold but I have a feeling it will be one of those that will end up getting dirty pretty quickly. The labels on the bottom of the packaging aren't true to colour at all, you can probably tell from the image above and the actual bullet plus what it looks like on the lips - it's definitely off!

These go on super easily, they feel so soft and luxurious on the lips - exactly as I imagined they'd feel just by looking at the bullet itself (seriously, I think everybody needs to see these to understand what I mean otherwise I just sound like a freakishly obsessed person). These glide onto your lips and in my opinion the colour is pretty buildable, particularly with the lighter shades which go on quite sheer but I think that can be quite nice if you're not too into matte lipsticks, but if you are then just go over it a couple of times for a far more matte finish.

avon matte lipstick adoring love

Adoring Love
A pretty pink shade which I think will be super pretty in the summer, Pink lipsticks definitely aren't my first choice because I don't think they suit my skin tone amazingly well. Having said that, I like the shade and think it's pretty wearable - despite being a light pink.

avon matte lipstick ravishing rose

Ravishing Rose
Probably my favourite colour out of the three I received, I think it's a gorgeous colour for spring time! It's quite bright and just generally really pretty. I wore this throughout the day on Tuesday and thought it did pretty well, I did have to re-apply a couple of times throughout the day but that's probably because it's not as matte as I expected it to be. I actually don't mind the fact it's not overly matte - it's nothing like MAC's Ruby Woo which is super matte and literally will not move.

avon matte lipstick wild cherry

Wild Cherry
Finally one of the darker shades in the collection, this was probably one of the colours I was most disappointed with purely because of how dark it looks in the bullet and on the lips it loses quite a lot of colour. I only swatched this though, one or two layers, so I didn't attempt to build up the colour but once I get round to actually wearing it I'll let you know how I get on with it and whether it gets as dark as it appears in the bullet!

new avon matte lipsticks swatches on lips

Have you tried the new Avon matte lipsticks? What's your favourite matte lipstick?

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