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Monday morning means back to basics, after a weekend alone in Paris I'm ready for the week ahead. I want to do a bit of an update post or video on my year abroad but that keeps getting pushed back, I hope to do it soon so if you have any questions or would like to know anything in particular then just let me know!

This is such a basic outfit, I used to shy away from simple outfits on the blog because I felt like nobody would really want to see them but last year the most casual were some of my most popular so I like to include a few when I can. Ankle boots are essentials for me so naturally I'm wearing a pair, the same pair I wore in a post last week and were so popular, from Ego. These ripped jeans are so outdated now, I definitely need to get rid of them as they're far too ripped now it's become ridiculous! I actually need some new jeans, the Topshop jeans are my go-to but I think I need to try some place new, any recommendations welcomed (I also love the ASOS farleigh's!). I fell a little out of love with leather jackets over the winter months so I have quite the selection of coats including this pink one - I've already got my eye on a Spring version.

Top - Topshop
[Photos taken by Faith]

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