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Why I've Stopped Sharing My Bag Collection Online

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 An outfit is never complete without a bag but for some reason when it comes to my blog I simply haven't felt inspired by my collection.
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I don't have a huge bag collection and I'm definitely not drowning in designer bags unlike other fashion bloggers these days (that's in no way a dig at them - oh how I wish I were living in a sea of designer bags!) but the small collection that I do have sometimes gets a little underwhelming, I get bored pretty quickly and the task of moving what seems like my life from one handbag into another is a task far too daunting for me to tackle more than once every few weeks.

I've found a current favourite and I've settled, I completely fell in love with this crossbody bag from Carvela back in February and it's been my daily bag of choice ever since. It goes with everything and I was constantly sharing it on my blog and Instagram, so much so that it got to a point where even I was annoyed at seeing it pop up on my feed so often - not annoyed enough to stop me wearing it, but enough to stop me photographing it - so as I'd been feeling underwhelmed by my current collection that filtered through into my blog as most things tend to. The first way to tackle an issue is to accept it and I guess this is what this post is, it's my way of addressing it and make a mental note of what I want to change and how I'm going to change it. Obviously I'm just talking about handbags right now so it may all seem like a bit much but this can so easily be applied to other aspects of your life too so I think it's important to address the woes, even when it's as minor as a case of the style (or in this case, handbag) blues.

My spring wardrobe has already changed so drastically from what I was wearing throughout the winter, the sun has made me feel much more inspired and I'm seriously loving it! I've been experimenting with my style a lot more lately which I always find to be the most fun and exciting time. Stripes are a new favourite of mine, I've been wearing this stripe top from Dorothy Perkins loads recently, I think it's the pop of pink that appeals to me. I wanted to pair it with a blazer because I haven't worn one in so long and now that it's much warmer the task of finding lightweight outerwear is constantly on my mind, a blazer is a pretty good bet I think. The whole look is dressed down with a denim skirt - the best spring basic - and some black ankle boots to complete this outfit.


Longline blazer - (c/o) La Redoute
Stripe top - (c/o) Dorothy Perkins
Denim skirt - Stradivarius
Leather ankle boots - (c/o) New Look
Cross body bag - (c/o) Carvela
[Photos taken by Maria]


  1. This is the type of bag that does look good with everything though! So here's no proven with repeatedly wearing it! I constantly wear my leather next cross body bag that is like a Chanel bag with its quilted design and flat. But I love it so much so might as well get my wear out of it!
    Isobel x

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    1. Oh it's so true, it's great to find something you really love and get as much use as you can out of it but when it comes to blogging I definitely feel like I need to change things up every so often hence why it's proven to be an issue for me. Although, there's nothing wrong with loving a bag so much you can't stop wearing it! X

  2. I love the bag and it will go with everything as it's a classic shape/style and the colour is perfect! :)
    I'm like you and have a small non-designer handbag collection and get easily bored but working to use different pieces depending on the season, that way I can constantly rotate x

    Jenny | X

    1. It honestly does, which is why I just can't stop using it! A change of seasons is always good to feel inspired once more X