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Does The Need To Slow Down Make Me a Failure?

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 With exams looming and final year coming to an end I really need to focus on university first and foremost. As much as it pains me, my blog will suffer as a result but I just hope you understand and will stick around!
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May is going to be a really challenging month, it has already begun to be honest, the bank holidays and Easter break really threw me off actually. A mixture of being super busy and feeling completely uninspired with my blog, Instagram and just social media in general meant I ended up not posting much at all last week which is so unlike me. To top things off, last weekend I came down with a tummy bug of some sort which had me out pretty much all weekend. Once one thing goes wrong it's as if something is triggered leading to a domino effect. So I've done that thing where I have a mini social media detox and try not to panic too much about the fact I haven't shared any new blog posts for the past week and I came to the conclusion that skipping this week's video was probably best as I'd definitely be left feeling more annoyed at myself if I had rushed to put a video together that wasn't to the best of my ability.

It seems straightforward as I write this, a lot of bloggers don't stick to schedules and just upload content if and when they have something new to share but I've created a schedule for myself - which I love - but I also find is the reason I end up being much harder on myself when things don't go to plan. I love blogging and I pride myself on sticking to my schedule, creating and uploading new content and just generally keeping up with all things social media so this has felt like such a weird period for me. I hate when this happens because I end up falling into a vicious cycle of having nothing to post, no inspiration to create new content and then feeling bad about it. It's really hard to perk up again once you feel like you've hit a low, it can be so tricky to get back up and going again. I personally find writing about it helps lift that weight off of my shoulders and although it may not make much sense to some of you, I think it will resonate with others. I hope it's not just me who finds comfort in knowing I'm not the only one who struggles.

For that reason, I think it's time to admit defeat - or simply admit I can't do it all, defeat sounds like such a negative word and makes me feel as if I have failed in doing something I love. I want to continue posting without a doubt but it will be less frequent than it has been, I'm only posting three blog posts a week at the moment so it seems crazy to even consider uploading less frequently than that but I'm at that point where I know it needs to be done. I feel more at ease with a schedule so I will be trying to work out something that works best for me and will share that with you soon. In the meantime, I hope you understand and will continue to be supportive of me and what I do. For anyone who is in the same boat as me, currently juggling general life - whether it be working part-time, working full-time, at university, college or school - as well as blogging and feeling completely overwhelmed by it all, you're not alone. Take some time for yourself, slow down if you need to and just don't be too hard on yourself because that can end up both feeling and being worse than actually pressing pause.


Cropped trench coat - (c/o) Next
Ribbed top - New Look [old] (similar - Forever 21)
Cropped jeans - GAP
Floral sandals - (c/o) Dorothy Perkins (coming soon!)
[Photos taken by Maria]


  1. Okay, 1. You look AMAZING! and 2. You are not a failure at all! Life is busy, it can be hard to balance so many things sometimes and everyone needs a little time out! xxx

  2. No way is posting 3 blog posts a week a failure! I post only twice a week and one video a week! You post so frequently compared to a lot of other bloggers! Well done to you girl and love this outfit!

    Isobel x

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    1. Thank you Isobel! To me it feels like I'm moving one step forward and two steps back as there was a point where I was uploading videos twice weekly and blog posts every weekday so it seems strange to reduce that. But thank you for your kind words and support! X