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Why I'm Not In a Rush To Invest In Designer Pieces

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At a time where it seems like every blogger and their dog has a wardrobe filled with designer items, I'm talking about why I'm not in a rush to invest in designer despite it's rise in popularity within the blogosphere.
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peexo spring style blogger london
I had a bit of writers block when it came to this set of photos, as I flicked though them I wasn't too sure about what to title this post, what to write about or what to say. But as I examined each piece I had picked out I realised that the dress I'm wearing is inspired by Reformation dresses - a far more expensive brand than Topshop (where I bought the dress I'm wearing from) - the trench coat is inspired by the Burberry classic and my lace up sandals are a dupe for the Gianvito Rossi designer pair. Every item is inspired by a more expensive designer piece and it got me thinking about designer items, why I don't invest in them and why I choose cheaper alternatives/dupes instead.

Fashion is rapidly changing and so are trends, the ChloƩ girls had us all dreaming about owning our very own ChloƩ bag last summer but I haven't seen those bags nearly as much now a year has passed since they were so hyped up. I think that's the main issue I have with investing, what if it falls out of fashion? I personally think I'm not ready to make that sort of commitment, I look at all the pieces currently sitting in my wardrobe, half of which I've only worn a handful of times, and dwell over the money that I've spent buying things that I quickly end up falling out of love with. Imagine if that was all designer?! Don't get me wrong, I know a lot more thought goes in to making designer purchases but I can't help but worry that I'd end up buying something because at the time I love it and it might not be the best in terms of longevity of wear.

Whilst this isn't to say that my thoughts won't change in the future, I just think at the moment designer pieces don't appeal to me so much and at a time where it seems like every blogger under the sun has the latest designer bag, it's ok not to be in the same boat.


Trench coat - (c/o) New Look
Floral tea dress - Topshop
Lace up sandals - (c/o) Simmi Shoes
[Photos taken by Maria]


  1. I think I have to agree! I don't know if it's my age or whatever, but designer pieces just aren't as appealing to say things in Zara or where ever else on the high street! xxx

    1. I think it could potentially be an age/background thing and I completely agree with you! I love finding things on the high street, especially trend-led pieces because they're more affordable than designer (of course) and if I fall out of love with it it doesn't matter so much... X

  2. I totally agree with this post! I feel like I'm the only blogger without anything designer really and to be honest, as much as I love the items, I switch up my outfits too much to stick to the same handbag for a year! I'm all about high street! Robyn x

    1. I'm with you on that one Robyn. I think it's becoming particularly harder to be a blogger and not own any designer pieces because somehow that's become the "norm" in this industry. Luckily, there's plenty to choose from on the high street too! X

  3. Good for you that you're un-phased by the label lust that is all over the blogosphere at the minute! I'm kind of the opposite to you in that I love designer items and I actually always have - I've always loved the history behind fashion houses and therefore feeling like you own a piece of that when you invest in one of their items, as well as the special feeling you get by both shopping and wearing luxury. (It sounds ridiculous, but it's true!) However, I do think its a shame that in the blogging world, it would seem more that people are buying luxury to wear almost as a badge of honour, or to be with the 'in crowd', more than any appreciation of the fashion house or item itself. It's all a little too braggy and all about the labels, as opposed to real style. So it's definitely refreshing to come across bloggers who are still keeping true to themselves and sticking to the high street if that's what they prefer! Loved this outfit!

    1. Thank you Eva! It's particularly nice to hear why you love investing in designer, I find it so interesting. That's exactly it. I don't want to buy something purely because it's on trend right now and all the other bloggers are wearing it, in order to make an investment I want to really love something and as you said, value the fashion story behind it. X

  4. This is really interesting. I was always the same, I love high street and I also love getting things from market stalls and independent boutiques to get something a bit more unique. Lately I've found myself coveting designer pieces more, and I really think it's an age thing. I recently bought a classic second hand Gucci belt from Vestiare Collective, and i love having something so iconic and luxury in my wardrobe. I'm hoping it lasts for years and years, as I definitely don't think I could justify shellingout for something just because it's on trend and would date after a couple of seasons. Thanks for sharing your own stance, I love hearing about other bloggers' inspirations and choices when it comes to fashion purchases.

    Ellie x

    1. I think so many of us are coveting designer pieces because we see them everywhere nowadays, especially within the blogosphere so it's hard not to lust over the latest designer piece. However, financially speaking it's just not viable for the average person to own that many designer pieces and that's ok too X


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