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A Recipe For the Perfect Night In with the Girls

a recipe for a night in with the girls peexo
I have reached the conclusion that I have very much entered grandma territory. I choose staying in over going out on most days and in the lead up to Christmas I'm pretty sure that won't be changing! So as I start planning my Christmas get togethers with close friends and family, I've started to think about how to induce some festive cheer from the comfort of my own home.
RumChata recipe peexo lifestyle
For a chilled evening with the girls, a drink or two won't go amiss and so with the help of RumChata I've made a coffee cocktail for our night in; a delicious creamy rum liqueur with the sweetness of vanilla and cinnamon, perfect for cosy nights in! As I don't do these often I thought I'd share this recipe so you too can become your own bartender for the night! This recipe is so simple and pretty short so here goes...

...before you get going, start off with a couple of glass tumblers (or however many are needed) and some large ice cubes before adding the ingredients.


1 part milk or cream

christmas festive drinks peexopeexo drinks recipe christmas

1 part vodka
christmas coffee cocktail recipe
cocktail recipe peexo lifestylecoffee cocktail recipe peexo

1 part coffee liqueur
peexo christmas cocktail recipe
coffee cocktail recipe peexopeexo coffee cocktail RumChata

1 part RumChata
RumChata rum coffee cocktailcoffee cocktail RumChata peexo
et voilá!
RumChata coffee rum cocktail peexo lifestyle christmas
So there you have it, your very own night-in cocktail. Call your girlfriends over for a catch up, serve some drinks and devour some popcorn in your home comforts. I can't think of a better way to spend a cold winter's evening this festive season!

This post is sponsored by RumChata. All opinions and writing are my own as always and please remember to drink responsibly.

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  1. Unfortunately, like you, I don't quite enjoy going out anymore. Especially during winter, it's too cold and crowded everywhere plus I rarely drink nowadays. However, I really like coffee liqueur, so I have to try this! :)

    x Mariya