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Reintroducing Colour Into My Winter Wardrobe

peexo colour winter wardrobe
The start of winter almost always leaves me feeling overwhelmed when it comes to my personal style. I mean, what can you wear other than jumpers and jackets on a daily basis?! This year in particular I've noticed my wardrobe has become incredibly monochromatic, there is the odd pop of colour every now and again but I'm nowhere near as adventurous as I have been in previous years with my shoes and accessories and style in general. As we're only just approaching winter, I'm going to actively try to change this.

winter wardrobe peexo fashionfashion blogger peexo winter style


winter style peexo fashion blogger
My winter wardrobe has been uninspiring lately, it would seem my love for ankle boots has diminished and now I only ever opt for plain brown or black boots. Denim is my go-to and to be honest I don't see that changing throughout the next few months but my outerwear and knitwear options are so limited right now. If you could take a peak into my wardrobe you would see a wash of cream/nude jumpers and very little colour.

Colour can be hard to master throughout winter, it's so easy to gravitate towards a darker colour palette and any form of colour can seem like a step too far out of your comfort zone. That is, without a doubt, what has happened to me recently.

brown ankle boots nextnext brown ankle boots peexo style
fashion blogger peexo style
I haven't invested in many new coats this winter, I'm not quite sure why, I've been more drawn to faux fur jackets and bikers this year. With that said, this longline coat is from New Look last year but I've spotted similar online this year too. It's such a great length although I think it makes me look older which is something that has started to bother me recently. I don't know why and it's definitely not a big deal but sometimes I feel like I'm not dressing for my age and I don't want to look older than I actually am.

I wore a chenille jumper from Monsoon which is the fabric on everyone's radar at the moment! I wasn't too drawn to it but I've been loving blush pinks recently so snapped this one up. A cropped pair of jeans are my go-to it would seem and these are a new pair from New Look, these aren't high waisted which may come as a surprise but as I'm not straying too far away from denim recently I thought at least a different style of denim would be a nice wintery addition. My ankle boots are from Next, again oldies but I've spotted a few similar pairs from other places, and a bag big enough to fit the kitchen sink (*read* chunky scarf, hat and gloves) is an essential!


[Photos taken by Maria]

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