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Blue & Navy: Back To Basics

peexo black and navy outfit
  There's has been a full 360 in the blogosphere this past year and as the year draws to a close I feel like I'm still finding my feet. I've made many changes since I first started blogging but I don't think that will stop, it's inevitable to continuously seek change in my opinion and I don't think there will ever be one right way to do something especially when it's something so personal like your own space on the internet.
winter style peexo blogger

peexo fashion blogger winter personal style
personal style winter peexopersonal style winter london peexo

I've done a bit of everything on my blog over the years, I started off similarly to every other fashion blogger where I would share outfit photos along with a small paragraph and the relevant links to what I was wearing. I ended up following the crowd in the fear of being left behind whilst everybody else wrote a story to accompany their blog posts so I attempted doing the same too but admittedly sometimes I simply have nothing to say. I love trying to write more and share more but there just isn't something new to say every single day (it's hard enough trying to come up with Instagram captions on a daily basis let alone lengthy blog post topics on a near-daily basis! Whilst I've been trying to better my content in terms of the written content I share, I just don't think I'm very good at it.

I hope the upcoming year is one where I really find my place in the blogging world, where I figure out what works well for me and go back to basics. Some days I may only want to talk about the different pieces I'm wearing and other times I may have a story to tell but I don't want to put too much pressure on the type of content I create.
winter style peexo blog
 What are your thoughts on the ever changing blogosphere? Do you prefer the old school blogging days or are you all for the change?


Grey coat - New Look
Navy roll neck - (c/o) Next
Mom jeans - ASOS
Ankle boots - New Look
Faux fur bag - Primark
[Photos taken by Maria]

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