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My Summer In Portugal On Film

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I'm so excited to share this blog post! It took me longer than planned to get my film developed (it's practically been a month since I've been back from my holiday in Portugal) but I actually think that somehow helped to add an extra element of surprise when I finally went to pick up the photos. I bought a couple of disposable cameras before my holiday as I thought it would be quite fun to experiment with film, with only 27 shots per camera I was a bit frugal when it came to using them up but I love how the images came out. I didn't really know what to expect but I'm pleasantly surprised with the images and couldn't wait to share some of my favourites with you!
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peexo portugal on filmpeexo portugal on film
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peexo summer holiday film photos 35mmpeexo film camera summer holiday
So those are some snippets from my time in Portugal! It's hard to squeeze three and a half weeks into a couple of photos but I think these capture some of the best bits from this year. I definitely want to incorporate more film on my blog and just generally as I love the results and it's always a little bit of extra fun too!


  1. These photos are just lovely! You look beautiful! Xx

  2. I went to Portugal so much when I was growing up and it's definitely one of my favourite places! These photos are so cute!
    Chloe X

    1. I've been going my whole life, it's practically a yearly tradition! Thank you :) X

  3. Man. Maybe it's time I pick up one of those to play with. I love how these photos turned out. It just seems so much more raw. I love that first photo of you!

    Camille Co | Beauty, Lifestyle, Travel, Tech Blog