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New Season Leopard Print

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I am soooooo excited that leopard print is a BIG trend this autumn! It often makes its way into autumn and winter styling, albeit subtly, almost every year but nothing like we're seeing this season and OMG I'm absolutely here for it. The animal print has always been a guilty pleasure of mine but my goodness, I'm excited that this season I won't need to feel guilty for loving it as much as I do. In my opinion, leopard print is such a classic and when done right, it can be a timeless wardrobe addition. I bought my first pair of leopard print boots back in 2016 and they quickly became a staple for me (so much so that I kept them up until they were completely wrecked, and only finally bid goodbye to them when I had found a suitable replacement for them obviously). But, leopard print can be done wrong... so here's my two cents on new season leopard print and how to do it right.
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There's an array of animal print on the high street right now but I wanted to focus on leopard print. Not only because it's my personal favourite (but at the same time mostly down to that reason...) but also because I think it's quite easy to go slightly wrong when it comes to making the print a seamless addition into your personal style and wardrobe.

What I'm loving about the print this season, is the mixture between old school leopard print and the newer, updated versions featuring updated colour schemes like this gorgeous green/blue as well as reds, monochromatic tones and of course, the traditional browns. I think when it comes to leopard print, it's all about making it suit you and your style. Whether that be steering away from the traditional warm neutral tones and opting for a pop of colour instead, or perhaps having less of a focus on animal printed clothing and more of a focus on accessories (which tend to be smaller and less scary) - there's so much available on the high street right now that you really can incorporate leopard print in either the most subtle way, or the boldest way you can!


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The thing with leopard print is to not be intimidated by it. It's a bold and sometimes scary print but you'd be surprised at how easily it can be incorporated into your outfits. Like I said, I had a pair of leopard print ankle boots which I would wear non-stop throughout the colder months because I just loved them that much! I wasn't worried about what to wear them with or wondering whether they would go with everything in my wardrobe - I always made them work one way or another. You'd be surprised at just how many colours and prints leopard print works with, one of my personal favourites is to pair leopard print and stripes together, I just love how the two look. The more you experiment with it, the more you'll realise that actually, leopard print isn't that scary at all.

I told you I've been a serious fan of leopard print for years so luckily, there are lots of posts in the archives on how I style the print (and I'm sure you'll be seeing me wear much much more over the coming months too!) See more ways I've styled leopard print here.


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Square neck cami - ASOS
Leopard print skirt - New Look
Nude sandals - (c/o) Aldo via Shoeaholics
Straw bag - New Look
[Photos taken by Faith]