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Incorporating Minimal Design Into My Autumn Style

London, UK
minimal design transitional autumn styleThis post contains a paid partnership with Nordgreen.

Hello Autumn! & hello to you too, it's been a while since my last blog post. With autumn officially here and with it being my favourite season, I'm so excited to share some of my autumn favourites and to showcase how my personal style changes for this season. In this post, I'm introducing you to Nordgreen - a sustainable and ethical Danish brand with a timeless design - which I've incorporated into my daily style as I've been slowly transitioning my outfits into autumn.

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timeless gold watch Nordgreen
women's watch Nordgreen

September tends to be quite a mild month with sunshine filled days which I love! I've been making the most of these sunny days by continuing to wear some of my summer favourites like midi dresses but styling them with ankle boots instead of sandals like I did throughout the summer months. I'm also changing up my accessories for autumn as well.

By now I'm sure you know how much I adore gold jewellery, I really think your accessories can completely transform an outfit. I often like to experiment and change some of my accessories including necklaces, earrings and more recently, rings too but there are a couple of key pieces that I rarely change. I'm never without a watch - since the age of 16 when I got my first grown up watch (i.e. not made of plastic and instead, a classic gold finish) - I have always worn one, my wrist feels so bare without one. 

I've become quite picky with my watches over the years, not only because I love wearing them but also because of how they compliment my style. Recently, I picked out a new timepiece from Nordgreen to see me through the autumn and winter months coming up this year. 

A little bit about Nordgreen:
  • Danish brand based in Copenhagen (see my mini Copenhagen city guide)
  • Minimal design
  • Suitable for all age, gender and generation - regardless of trends
  • Timeless
  • Ethical
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Responsible manufacturing
  • Carbon neutral

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Nordgreen women's watch peexo

From their vast selection of watch styles and after much deliberation, I picked the Philosopher style women's watch which is available in two sizes: 36mm and 40mm. I chose the larger size, 40mm, because I like wearing a large watch as it becomes more of a statement piece - even if it's a really simple and timeless design like all Nordgreen watches are. You can choose which metal finish you want from silver, gun metal, rose gold and gold. It shouldn't come as a surprise to you that I chose the gold finish - call me predictable!

Not only can you choose all the finishing touches (size, style and metals) but you're also able to choose different straps for your watch. This is a more sustainable way of changing your watch without actually changing it and Nordgreen are all about introducing more ethical and sustainable timepieces through their minimal designs. All the little details are thought of when it comes to the creation of their varying watch straps as every strap has different closures to match the metal of your chosen watch. The straps are available in multiple materials including authentic leather, vegan leather, nylon and mesh.

As I'm sure you can imagine, making a selection was pretty tough as there are so many options to choose from but I was able to really create my ideal watch. I decided to go for the 20mm mesh strap in gold to compliment the Philosopher style which I think will look so good all year round. Although I couldn't resist an additional second strap - Nordgreen have beautiful packaging which perfectly houses your chosen watch and additional straps you choose - I wanted something different and fitting for the upcoming winter so for my second strap of choice, I picked a dark colour, opting for navy blue in vegan leather (which has gold hardware to match the watch face I chose).

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autumn style gold jewellery accessories

One of the reasons why I was so keen to share Nordgreen with you is because of the Danish brand's commitment to sustainability. All packaging is made of FSC-certified cardboard and up-cycled felt while the felt inside the box is made from up-cycled plastic bottles. Their commitment to sustainability extends to sourcing responsible materials that make the least possible impact on the environment from authentic leather, vegan leather, nylon and mesh.

Nordgreen's giving back programme supports three charities including Water for GoodPratham UK and Cool Earth with each watch purchased as well as continuously supporting and partnering with different NGO's. On top of this, the Danish brand ensures it stays carbon neutral through planting thousands of trees to offset carbon emissions.

A large watch looks great this time of year and will continue to make a statement throughout the year as it peeks through your long sleeved tops and knitwear. Yet equally looks great in the summer as a statement piece on your wrist. As I start to change my outfits and style to suit the cold months ahead, this is a watch that will compliment my transitional style so well. Like I said, I'm never without a watch so I really love how timeless the design is.

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autumn transitional style new look midi dress

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