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Ultimate Summer Skincare: Festival Edition

London, UK
summer-skincare-essentials-bootsUKThis post contains a paid partnership with Boots.

When it comes to festivals, festival fashion isn't the only thing I'm interested in... I really love festival makeup and how adventurous you can be! To achieve the ultimate festival makeup look, you need to have a flawless skincare routine down. Why? Because makeup sits so much better on well-prepped skin and if you want your makeup to last, having the ultimate skincare routine will make a huge difference. I've outlined my top 3 simple steps within a skincare routine to achieve this.

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Start your day with a cleanser to remove any excess oils and product that may have built up on your skin overnight. These Nip + Fab pads are a great option as they can be used daily and also contain glycolic acid, an acid exfoliant, which will gently exfoliate your skin to maximise your glow. Not to mention the fact that these are pre-soaked pads which are ideal for travel, short stays and a festival of course!

Step 2. Moisturise: Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream

You can definitely add more products between step 1 and step 2, I'm going for the basics here but you can add in a toner, serums and/or oils between these steps if you feel like your skin needs more. 

Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised is the ultimate hack to ensure you're left with a flawless base. I picked out this Kiehl's moisturiser because it's lightweight and sinks into the skin really easily without feeling too heavy. It packs in moisture without drowning your skin.

Step 3. SPF: Bondi Sands Face SPF 50+

Do not leave the house without your factor 50 suncream! If you skip this step then you may as well skip the rest of your skincare routine. Wearing SPF daily protects your skin from harmful UV rays and is the best way to prevent signs of ageing skin. This Bondi Sands SPF offers great protection against UVA and UVB with SPF 50+, it leaves no white cast and wears well under makeup.

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Onto the festival makeup look...

I decided to focus on gems and jewels for my look as it's not every day you get to wear gems and jewels on your face (at least not for me anyway). I think this is such an eye-catching look and it's honestly so easy to achieve! I stuck to my usual makeup routine, focusing on the base as I need my gems to stick on seamlessly. I primed my skin using Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Primer which gives a beautiful healthy glow, followed by NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser (shade: Alaska). Neither of these products sit heavily on the skin which I love as this means my base remains light and glowy throughout the day.

For the finishing touch, I added Barry M Diamond Frost Face Jewels. There are a variety of gems and jewels available at Boots but I opted for these silver jewels as I knew they would catch the light so beautifully. When these jewels catch the sun, they give off the most incredible shine! These are pre-glued which I found stuck quite well however, if you're worried about these coming off from too much singing and dancing, you can use a skin-friendly adhesive such as glitter primer to make sure they stay on all night! Oh and I know I already mentioned the importance of SPF but you really don't want to skip this step with a look like this as can you imagine ending the day with jewel shaped tan lines on your face?! 

A touch of Fenty Beauty Cherry Glaze on the lips to give a gorgeous glossy lip (the scent of this is unreal by the way!)

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As well as makeup and skincare, you can find all of your festival makeup essentials such as dry shampoo, deodorant and more at Boots!

Are you going to any festivals this summer?

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