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Three Easy Steps for Applying False Lashes

London, UK
how-to-apply-ardell-wispiesThis post contains a paid partnership with Boots UK. All thoughts are my own, as always.

When I think of false lashes, there's one brand that springs to mind, Ardell of course and more specifically, their Wispies collection. I remember being so intimidated by falsies yet desperate for the fluffy and full lash look. Applying false eyelashes can often seem daunting but it's easier than it may seem! These are the three easy steps I follow when applying false eyelashes to suit my eye shape.


Step 1. Cut to size

We all have different eye shapes and sizes so it's natural to want to adjust false eyelashes to suit your eye shape. I have fairly small eyes so I usually cut a few inches off of the strip lash from the outer corner for a more natural fit and look. When cutting eyelash strips, always start at the outer corner as these are usually the longest in length which may look off-balance if you take away from the inner corner of the lash strip - you want the lashes to still look natural.


Step 2. Leave glue to dry 15-30 seconds

After applying glue to the band, leave to dry for a minimum of 15 seconds, this allows the glue to become tacky making it a better adhesive and so much easier to adjust to fit. Ardell lashes include a free Duo adhesive which is excellent!


Step 3. Use tweezers

A tool that will come in handy when applying false eyelashes is a pair of tweezers. These are useful when preparing the lashes (step 1 and step 2) but also when it comes to the application. I find my desired placement for the lashes and place and adjust using my fingers. Then for a seamless look, I use tweezers to gently press together the strip lash to my natural lash line to ensure a clean finish.



There are some misconceptions around fake eyelashes, mostly that they're too hard to apply and don't look natural but you don't have to worry about either of those issues with Ardell lashes. Here I'm wearing the Demi Wispies which compliment a natural look perfectly by creating a fluttery and seamless natural lash look.

Ardell Lashes are available to buy at Boots. Discover the full range in store and online, including the Ardell naked lashes and the Ardell natural lashes. With such an extensive range, you'll be sure to find the perfect style to suit your eye shape and match your style.


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