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Dubai Diaries: Day 4

Dubai - United Arab Emirates
I wanted to start off this post by saying this was another chilled out day just because every time I go through my pictures all I see are photos at the beach haha and of me lounging around in my bikini, but that isn't interesting so maybe I should come up with something different to say haha! The beach was probably my favourite at the resort, which was weird for me as I usually prefer the pool over the beach because sand can get really annoying, however the sun began to go down at around 4pm and the hotel would block the sun from reaching the pool *sad face*. 

Having said that, the ocean was full of jellyfish! I remember the lifeguard blowing his whistle at me when I had just walked into the water and I had no idea what I had done wrong! He lifted up a sign but without my glasses I'm a liability and was still completely clueless until he began shouting "jellyfish" and I ran out of the water at full speed (probably not the smartest thing to do as accidentally stepping on a jellyfish is the worst!). From then on I was as cautious as can be in the sea, I probably only went back in once and for about 5 minutes as I saw a jellyfish floating towards my auntie and decided that was enough daredevil activity for me haha!

 In Dubai I also got to meet and play some games with a dolphin called Lexi, she was an 11 year old dolphin (I'm sure a specific type but I can't remember which if I'm honest). First we got to know the dolphin so she could feel at ease around us and then we went on to play a few games, including fetch pool-style where we threw a ball and she would bring it back to us. We got to share a kiss, hug and have a little dance which was the cutest! Dolphins are such smart animals and would answer all questions with a nod of the head.

We hadn't been out of the resort yet, there was honestly so much to do in Atlantis that you could easily stay in the resort for a whole week and not do the same thing twice, we didn't even get to try out all the restaurants or lounges which seems crazy to say. As Dubai is so close to the equator the moon looks incredible, when the sky is clear the views are beautiful. We headed to the city centre to watch the fountain dance which is a water show (sort of) where the fountains shoot up and down at different speeds and accompany a song, it's really short - only 4 minutes - but so impressive! We saw the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, and headed into the mall for some late night shopping. I'm not sure if it was luck that we went so late and only had around an hour until the mall closed and so only went to 2 shops, including Sephora which I was the most excited about; let me know in the comments if you'd like to see a Sephora haul, I'd love to dip into beauty blogging again!

Have you ever meet/seen dolphins?

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  1. It looks so amazing! I would love to meet a Dolpin properly. I have fed one before and saw them in the wild in Turkey!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog xx

    1. It was the most surreal experience, I couldn't help but smile throughout the encounter. Seeing dolphins in the wild must be incredible too! X


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