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Dubai Diaries: Day 6

Dubai - United Arab Emirates
We saved the most exciting thing 'till last, a helicopter ride over Dubai! I loved it, I wasn't sure how I would find it but it was a quick 20 minute ride and the views were breathtaking. We flew over the World Islands which aren't yet completed, only Canada and Lebanon have been built on so far but the pilot said that there had been a lot of movement recently around the islands which would suggest more is being built in the next few months. We flew by the popular Dubai attractions, including the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. 

By the time we turned around back over the palm the sun was beginning to set, the sun reflected beautifully off of the Burj Al Arab (7 star hotel). The flight ended with the most amazing view of our hotel, The Atlantis Palm, and a birds-eye-view of the water park, dolphin bay and sea lion centre. It was incredible to see everything from a different perspective. 

As this was our final night in Dubai we dressed up and headed out for dinner in Nobu (another restaurant in the htoel), it had a great atmosphere and was one of the most popular restaurants we went to but I'm not a massive fan of sushi, and as Nobu serves Japanese Cuisine there were few choices for me and although I didn't leave hungry, I wouldn't rush back any time soon. We left very early the next morning and caught the sunset on our drive from the hotel to the airport.

I fell in love with Dubai, it's my favourite holiday to date. This brings me to the end of my Dubai Diaries. I hope you enjoyed this week as I didn't focus as much on outfits as I did earlier on in the summer with my Lanzarote Lookbook. I think the majority of us in the UK at the moment wouldn't benefit from summer outfits at the moment, especially with autumn starting next week already!

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Would you like to, or have you, visited Dubai?
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  1. Wow what stunning views! I've only ever been up in a helicopter once and that was when I was in Australia, I was nervous about it all day but when I got up there wow it was amazing - once in a lifetime experience!

    Chloe x

    1. I was the same! I tried to not think about it during the day and just before it I felt super nervous but it's so amazing, completely agree. X

  2. Loved this series :) All your photos look amazing and I love the Atlantis, it's such an incredible hotel! I've just put up a post with photos from my holiday to Dubai as well, I think we were out there at the same time! .xx


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