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Take a moment to get over how adorable this perfume packaging is! I absolutely fell in love with this concept. Scent City recently launched their own website which has a far more sophisticated approach, with scents suited for both men and women. Although I can't help but still love this fun cupcake range, at the moment only Cheery Cherry is available to purchase online, however, if you really want to try Wicked Berry then it is available on request - you can just drop them a quick email.

After unveiling the sweetest ever smelling cupcake I couldn't wait to have a sniff. Personally, I love a fruity scent and Wicked Berry is just that. It's quite sweet which I love and think it's a great spring/summer scent (I would wear it all year round as I love a fun, summery scent, even in the winter!). The first spritz is quite strong but it soon settles into a mixture of all types of berries and lilac. Although quite a fruity scent, and with such fun packaging, the scent is still grown up. You can have your cake and smell it too!

What do you think of this cupcake perfume concept?
Leave me any comments below :)

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