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Dubai Diaries: Day 5

Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Let's go to the beach, beach. Another day at the beach, no surprises there then! Would it surprise you if I said that I am in no way tanned haha, I think I just gave up in Dubai - I couldn't be bothered to melt in the heat for no reason whatsoever - oh how I envy those of you who tan easily! We booked a beach cabana and had a pretty relaxing day on the beach, who know having a burger on the beach would be so fulfilling. Like I said yesterday, in Day 4, the jellyfish were honestly everywhere! As soon as the tide dropped they would reach the shore, we saw so many on the beach, too many and we eventually moved on to the pool instead.. the pool was definitely safer!

As a completely random move we booked tickets to see Lady Gaga! Flicking through the newspapers we found out that she would be performing in Dubai for the first time whilst we were there and it felt like fate so we ended up booking tickets. Being her first concert in an Arab country (I was corrected on Twitter earlier on in the week as I thought it was her first concert in the Middle East but she has actually performed in Israel in 2009 - yep, now I'll probably never forget that haha). I must admit though I really wasn't that impressed by her, we waited a long time for her to finally show up on stage and she just wasn't that great if I'm honest. Of course performing in 40C heat will be challenging for any artist but it just wasn't what I expected from such a big artist. She was also very bad at lip syncing!

What do you think of Day 5?

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  1. hahahaha the jelly fish!! they're so so creepy! Looks like an amazing day, shame about Lady Gaga though. Also your figure is amaaazzzinnng!!!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

    1. Tell me about it! So weird haha. I loved the whole holiday and I guess she just wasn't what I expected - thanks lovely! X


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