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Boxing Day Sales: The Best Discounts

Top 5 Picks:

Other Discounts:
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What are you planning on buying in the Boxing Day sales?



  1. River island was hit so hard today! I honestly look forward to the Boxing Day sales, it's a tradition on our house!

    Emma | The Fashion Six

    1. I hardly ever buy from River Island because they don't offer student discount, it really puts me off! I love the sales, and usually find some good bits too, here's hoping I'll still find some bargains when I'm back in the UK! X

  2. I don't do boxing day sales I'm usually so tired from Christmas day or working. I always seem to be broke at this time of year too, boo. X

    1. That's the bad thing about it - I also hate finding gifts I bought in the sale after; it's so annoying haha! X


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