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Leather Converse

Coat - Sheinside || Jumper (c/o) - Madam Rage || Jeans - Topshop || Converse - Very || Bag - Parfois

Sorry about the excessive number of converse shots but I just couldn't resist, these are simply beautiful! You may have seen me speak about a similar pair (leather look also but with the red stripe) in a previous post: Birthday wishlist, and I was gifted a pair for my birthday so I am one happy lady. They're so gorgeous and I absolutely love the way they look offset with a pair of black jeans - funnily enough I never want to get these dirty - unlike with the fabric version which I seem to pride myself in how dirty they are haha! I was in London for the weekend and this was my go-to look. I only wore black and grey and completed most of my outfits with this coat; I wore this coat over and over again which is surprising for me because at first I really wasn't too keen on it because of its cut but now it's grown on me. I keep going for the monochrome tones and this outfit basically sums me up. I went for a jumper with a hint of sparkle and black jeans with rips at the knees - but it's too cold for these now!

What has been your favourite coat this season?

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  1. All I ever wear is black & grey! Haha. This coat is gorgeous though, so so lovely. I love those all white converse too but I can imagine they'd get dirty really quickly :( I have the all black hightop ones and they're my fav! x

    Hannah x | hannatalks

    1. I find myself in the same situation now that it's winter haha! These are a leather finish so I'm hoping that means they'll be easier to clean as I love, love, love them with the clean white finish X

  2. Replies
    1. I honestly couldn't tell you how many times I wear something and think "this is so Lizzy" haha! Definitely a beaut of a coat! X