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Grey Is Neutral

So here's the thing, if I could dress this way all the time I would. This is my favourite kind of style, I absolutely love the chique feel to it, I love everything about those people who are dressed really quite simply but then the addition of heels and a gorgeous coat just make the whole look. On Pinterest (find me here) you'll see that the majority of outfits I pin are like this one and I'm really excited I've managed to recreate something similar (in my opinion of course, you may completely disagree with me). 

I feel like this is the path I want to take with my blog, I want to dress more maturely but then I think realistically, how often do I actually go out in high heels? I mean, on a day to day basis it just isn't functional for me. Imagine, off to university for a full day of lectures in a pair of heels, and a coat so long it gets caught in every door. I love fashion, and I love this type of look but for my everyday routine it just doesn't work. Hopefully when I 'grow up' (I'm turning 20 next week *eeek*) I'll be able to dress however I want and not feel silly walking down the street. Somehow, I think it's a confidence thing - I don't know why but the only people I ever imagine seeing in heels on a daily basis are celebrities haha! This is sort of turning into something other than a blog post - not quite sure what though - so onto the look!

Like I said, I love this style! It's funny because when I really love an outfit, it's never that popular with you guys haha! Nonetheless, I've been wearing a lot of black recently so this is the total opposite. Apparently white jeans in the winter are a no-no. Well, I disagree, I think they're the perfect offset to black during the colder months; what I would say is to wear them with a longer coat (we all know how messy white jeans can get), you could sit somewhere or lean against a wall and that's them stained for the day - not a good look. The rest is simple, a ribbed knit jumper, a coat, heels, a bag, and of course some jewellery and you're ready for the day.

Also, what do you think of my hairstyle? I had my hair this way the whole time I was in London and loved it! Although, nobody else seemed to like it, but I think it's such a fun way t keep those strands of hair out of your face and to add a little more volume - my hair is so flat and in the winter just looks awful. I'm due for a cut soon though and have a few hair bits I want to share with you in either a blog post or video, let me know what you think.

What's your ideal style?



  1. These colours all together are spot on! This outfit is lush, you look gorgeous girl.

    Catherine xx

    1. I really liked this look! I feel like I'm always going for grey so the winter whites was a nice change :) X

  2. I love this look.

  3. In total love with the coat! Want one! :)