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The struggle I face with jumpsuits is unreal! I am yet to find a jumpsuit that actually fits, and it's such a shame because I absolutely love the way they look and think they look so chic for a night out or even for a laid back day. Tall girl struggles!

I find it so unfair the petite girls have so much variety to choose from because I guess most girls are petite rather than tall. The tall sections I've come across are all really limited in terms of what they sell and most of it isn't that great to be completely honest. Also, sizes are limited - remember that gorgeous leaf print playsuit from Topshop that was basically everywhere during the summer? They sold that in tall but only from a size 8, as I'm a girl with a small bust it was too big so I missed out.

Anyway, I was kindly gifted this playsuit from iKrush and I really do like it - it's just a shame that it's short. I felt a little uncomfortable because of being so aware of how stretched the material must have looked (hence the strategically placed clutch in the first photo haha). Nonetheless, I liked the look of this particular jumpsuit because of the extra layer around the bust which I think makes it look a little more dressed up, which is perfect. I added this metallic clutch - which is becoming a firm favourite - some rose gold jewellery and strappy heels to make this look party-ready.

Any tall girls know where I can find some nice jumpsuits?

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  1. I know the struggles you face! It's like tall ranges only cater for long arms and legs, and never lengthen the torso, which is where I'm longest. -.- Looks fab on you though, even if it was a little uncomfortable haha! I have one from Topshop ( that fits really well, but others I've tried in there, not so much. Andddd why are there mainstream places like Miss Slefridge catering specifically for petites, but nowhere for tall?
    We need to start a petition. :)
    lily x

    1. I thought of you when I was going on about the tall girl struggles haha! I've tried Topshop before (the popular palm print playsuit in the summer) but with no luck because the tall section starts at size 8. I have one from Missguided - soon on the blog - which fits but I've tried others with no luck too! New Look does a TALL section but it's nothing special really. Definitely time for a petition haha! X

  2. You look amaaaazing!! I think jumpsuits look amazing on tall girls and it is such a shame most come up too small!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

    1. Totally agree but they're so hard to find! Thank you for commenting as always :) X

  3. You look beautiful, as always! You have style to die for.

    Love, Summer.

  4. You look amazing, I love this jumpsuit! It is the perfect christmas night out look!! xx

    Joanne // Fashion Polaroids

    1. Thank you! I think although it isn't the traditional red for Christmas, paired with redish accessories it looks a little more Christmas-ready :) X


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