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LFW Day 2 | Red Eyeshadow Craze

Looks like intense red eyeshadow is a thing...

In Monday's #fbloggers Twitter chat the topic was London Fashion Week and one of the questions was what do we prefer about it, the shows or the street style. Personally, I'd say street style just because I think most of it is actually wearable and you could genuinely go out and buy most of it out on the High Street, but then while scrolling through other people were saying that actually, street style is filtered down from what we see on the catwalk shows - so it becomes wearable. I guess I never looked at it that way but sometimes I struggle to see it (good thing I'm not a designer!). I grouped these shows together because of the beauty trend I spotted and I'd probably say these were my least favourite because I sort of felt like I couldn't relate (but that's just my personal style preference), and some of it was a little too out there.

Asli Polat: Fashion Scout

I love the cape! I always think back to Lavish Alice when it comes to capes because I'm pretty sure it was the first website where I spotted the cape and blazer merged into one. An obvious trend was the check print, I do love it don't get me wrong, but I can't help thinking back to the wild west, cowboys and the whole shibang! Nonetheless, I'm a huge fan of the midi's and mini's flowy styles and I won't say no to a little bit of (faux) fur.

Looking over the photos I can actually imagine some people rocking the patchwork faux fur coat, in fact, I'm pretty sure I did see people rocking it on the cobbles this season! When I initially look at it I think woa! That's bold. But actually, it can be styled to be the statement piece of your outfit, and it would do a pretty good job at fulfilling that task. I love the colours of it, again the rusty brown/orange tones are making an appearance as well as that deep red colour I loved from the Jean-Pierre Braganza show.

Apu Jan: Fashion Scout

This was a really simple collection and I loved the colour trends. I'm a huge fan of the turtle necks so I'm really pleased they're here to stay! There were also a lot of exaggerated hats in the showcase which I think were a staple. I had a look at the photos from backstage for this show and honestly, it looked amazing! The models had antlers placed in the buns in their hair which is such a nice touch - I really liked the simplicity of this collection actually, now that I think of it. But don't take me as a fashion expert because I am most definitely not so I'm sorry if all my attempts at describing collections sound awful... I'm trying!

Soojin Lee: Fashion Scout

With Soojin Lee's collection I really enjoyed all the colours put together. I think it's so easy to fall into the all black trend during the winter so I loved seeing a collection featuring a little more colour, albeit dark tones. I think my favourite look was the military, khaki ensemble. I wore khaki on Day 2 and I love how versatile it is and easy to wear all year round, so I particularly loved the extreme military trend on the catwalk. When it comes to the other looks, in particular the floral designs, I just wasn't the biggest fan. I think it's because I prefer subtle outfits, the odd stripe or two but I've never been a huge fan of floral prints in general so again, it's probably just my personal preference kicking in. Also, the hair was so extreme!

I didn't even realise that so many shows, well 3 out of the ones I saw on Saturday, had gone for a really similar makeup look but for some reason, I don't quite think it's going to catch on...
...but I'm not beauty blogger so what do you think?

Photos from Fab Magazine, Fashion Scout and Vogue.


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