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My First Season at LFW

I'm so excited to be writing up this post! I can't tell you how nervous, excited and everything in between I was feeling to attend my first season at London Fashion Week. I know it probably sounds silly to some of you but it has really been super exciting for me to experience.

In Friday's post I signed off letting you all know I'd be at Somerset House over the weekend so I think some of you expected this to follow. Initially I had planned to go for 3 days, but I only ended up going Friday and Saturday and even though it was only 2 days I was exhausted by Saturday evening (to be honest, I was already feeling the strain Friday night) - how do people do all 5 days?! More pressingly, how do people do back-to-back fashion weeks?! Someone teach me how!

I haven't really had the chance to sit down and properly write up some posts about it all so let's call today's post an introduction of what's to come this week.

Friday 20th Feb

Friday was my first day and I was so worried about it all; what to wear, what to take, who I would meet, what to say, literally everything. I even missed my first show because I was stuck in front of my mirror contemplating what to wear! But luckily, I didn't chicken out and made it to Somerset House in time for my next show; I met up with Jordane who runs a blog called Street or Chic and was my companion for the whole day (we became BFF's too haha).

A snippet of what I wore...

It was on my first day that I realised how bad I really am with photography.. I promise I tried but the lighting was either too bright or too low and I couldn't quite figure out my camera settings in the little time between being escorted in and the show starting, so I tried my hardest to keep snapping away but ended up with a bunch of blurry photos which really don't do any justice.

Jean-Pierre Braganza

Daniella Barros & Joao Melo Costa [Portugal show]

...I told you so. Don't worry though, I'll get some better photos to share with you throughout the week so you don't feel completely cheated.

Day 1 ended on the ME hotel rooftop chilling in the UGG Sanctuary overlooking Somerset House, drinking from a champagne glass and nibbling on canap├ęs (or in my case, choking..) it was the perfect spot to relax after an extremely tiring day.

Saturday 21st Feb

I had a really busy day on Saturday! Some back-to-back shows at Fashion Scout and a major shoe dilemma; London Fashion Week has definitely convinced me that I need more shoes! I didn't see many people on Saturday which is a huge shame because I had hoped to meet so many other bloggers but ended up getting lost on my way to and from shows more times than I had hoped; I was always far too flustered to function.

I attempted Day 2 on the cobbles in a thin stiletto heel but I'm pretty sure it's impossible to walk so if you have mastered that then I applaud you - I quickly changed into my trusty all white leather look converse and went for the laid back approach for the rest of the day. My poor feet thanked me.

Here's what I wore...

Earlier on in the week I had popped into the Depop HQ and was set a task to wear something I was selling or something I had bought via the app to London Fashion Week. Most of you know I have this problem with jumpsuits because they never quite fit properly over my long torso but with khaki being a huge trend this season I just thought I'd go for it and wear this one. I really love it, the only problem is it becomes uncomfortable for me to move as the day goes on so it's currently up for sale on my Depop (search peexo on Depop) - its unique selling point is it has been to London Fashion Week haha - head on over to my Depop page if you'd like to own it and you can also browse through the other items I'm selling too!

So this was a little taster of my short time at London Fashion Week this season. Tomorrow I'll share Day 1 with you.

Were you at LFW over the weekend?



  1. Replies
    1. Definitely go next season! I'd love to meet you! X

  2. I love your outfits the were beautiful and the converse were such a good choice! I would love to attend fashion week at some point in the future. x

    1. So pleased you like them! Oh gosh, I really needed them haha - my poor feet couldn't do it! You should, it's so great! X

  3. So glad you had an amazing time! You looked So gorgeous, I love the first outfit especially!! Gutted I couldn't have been there to share it with you!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

    1. I really enjoyed it Lizzy! So gutted I didn't get to see you too, but I'll see you next season I'm sure. I must admit it was my favourite outfit too! X

  4. Ah sounds like you had an amazing experience and hope some day I will too. I love your outfit choices and all your pictures of both days.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

    1. I did, thank you! These were all from my iPhone as it really gets hectic and I only have two hands! X