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LFW Day 2 | What I Wore and Saw

On Day 2 I went for a slightly more laid back look with an oversized coat to keep me warm, I absolutely love the coat and got quite a few compliments on it but my boyfriend really hated it.. boys, what do they know? Depop set me a challenge, you can see what it was here, and so I chose to wear this khaki jumpsuit which has a suede-like finish but it's not quite suede, I think it's a great on-trend piece as it's in the colour of the moment and jumpsuits are practical for some (not so much for anybody who is tall though). The sun kept making an appearance so I got away with wearing my favourite sunglasses from Parfois, and I was sporting my signature half bun, it was the perfect sunny day to spend at Somerset House. I tried out my heels on the cobbles too, but I didn't last long...


I'm going to try and group the shows from Saturday together in some sort of logical order (not chronological) but hopefully you'll enjoy seeing them. Today I'm sharing Pavane, probably one of my favourite shows from Fashion Scout.
Such a sophisticated show in my opinion, I love the tailored approach. I particularly liked the coats, this dark green one, above, is probably my favourite. I'm quickly becoming a huge fan of these robe-like coats they just look so cosy and perfect for the winter months particularly in London. I saw a lot of deep green and khaki tones make an appearance in a few shows too so I can't wait to be sporting that shade some more (I'm happy to say I was on trend Day 2 haha!). The tailored looks were some of my favourite too I adore the billowing suit bottoms paired with a tailored blazer, the contrast works perfectly. Also, who would say no to a pair of sunshine yellow heels?
Photos from Vogue.
What do you think of what I wore? And the Pavane catwalk show?



  1. Obsessed with this entire look, you look fab! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile

  2. gorgeous outfit! You look amazing and i love your coat! In a way it's nice that your BF gave you his honest opinion and i am sure he gives you many compliments on your lovely outfits! My ex husband hardly ever said i looked nice but that was only to destroy my confidence! xx

    1. Thank you! Well it's clear my boyfriend just doesn't know a lot about fashion ey ;) You always look lovely, and you're so kind-hearted so don't let that put you down lovely <3 X

  3. You look great, love the outfit! I really like those Primark heels!

    Sequins In Pink

    1. Thanks Annlouise! I bought them a few months ago now but they are probably one of my fave Primark buys of all time! X