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I shared my Valentine's Day Lookbook on YouTube yesterday so here it is for those of you who aren't subscribed yet - if you're not then please subscribe here, it means a lot - so I put together another three looks with three different dates in mind.

I really hope you like the style of this video, it's completely different to anything else I've uploaded, I guess it's a bit more vlog-like and I really like that about it.

My good friend Maria, who often takes my blog photos for me, came to visit me at university over the weekend and we made it our mission to try and create a fun lookbook with the theme of love in mind. This wasn't without its fails either.. I did want to put together a girls night out look (initially when this lookbook was meant to be solely based on Valentine's Day) and so we marched out at around 11pm on Saturday (wild night!) and attempted to film using street lights alone but it just didn't work so we had to scrap that footage and go out early Sunday morning to film the final look and I decided to make this a date night/day lookbook so it's perfect for any date and not just Valentine's Day. If you'd like to see a more dressed up version of this lookbook then just let me know!

Watch the lookbook and let me know what you think of it, and whether you'd like to see me film in this style more often (I'd say it takes more time to film but it's definitely more fun!). If you enjoy it then please give the video a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe!

All the links to what I was wearing are in the description bar below the video so check those out too.

A huge thank you needs to go out to Maria who happily edited the first two days of footage - she says she enjoys it?! Haha - and of course for going out of her way and filming for me, and being very artsy with her shots too; basically, she's the greatest camera-woman ever! Give her a follow on Twitter @lifewglasses as she's toying with the idea of getting back into her blog and the photography will be great fo sho!

What are your thoughts on this style of filming?
Let me know what you'd like to see me film next on my YouTube channel too!

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  1. I only just read your post now!
    Thank you for having me! I really did enjoy hanging out, even if it was spent filming on a Saturday night! haha
    I enjoy taking your photos and video footage because I know just how much effort you put into your blog - it makes me want to work harder even more!

    Hope to do this again in Oxford!

    Maria <3

    1. Always a pleasure ;) So happy to hear! Next destination: Oxford haha! X

  2. I can't believe I haven't come across you before! I love your posts!

  3. Lovely outfits! Love the one with the jeans and orange heels!
    Étáin’s Little World

    1. Thank you! I love adding a pair of heels to jeans to smarten up any look :) X