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5 Tips for Nailing the 70s Trend

1. Fringing
An essential. I have seen fringing show up on just about everything from skirts to jackets and I'm obsessed! I didn't think I'd really like it, I thought it would just be a hassle and I'd end up with tassels everywhere but it can be done in quite a minimal, discreet way which I just love. I think tassels will be amazing for festival season and for making any outfit pop.

Fabulous fringing:

2. Suede
I quite like velvet fabrics and I think suede is similar, I'd go as far as to say it's easier to wear than velvet. I think suede works really well with whatever you wear and it's like adding a new dimension to your outfit (you know how much I love mixing together different textures). I'm pretty sure you can find just about everything in suede now too haha - so it isn't to go a miss in your 70s look.

Sensational suedes:

3. Flares
A controversial pick but I'm obsessed. I find that it's hard to find the perfect flare if you're a tall girl like me, I hate it when the trouser isn't quite long enough so it doesn't properly cover your feet, you end up with a full flare at your ankles.. not the best kind of look. I suggest to search in tall sections if you have long legs - my pair are from George at ASDA and they have the option to get the jeans in a long length - or, wear flares with flats or trainers like the ever so popular Adidas Stan Smiths for a fashion statement.

Funky flares:

4. Paisley Print
For this tip I was debating between camel and paisley print but then I decided to go with the latter, I just think camel is quite versatile and doesn't necessarily scream 70s (although you'll see tonnes of it in this post anyway). I always shy away from prints, I'm more of a colour block kinda girl, but the 70s are all about exaggerated prints and I think paisley is the perfect companion. Earlier on in the week I wore a paisley print playsuit which I think really suits the 70s trend, I've seen some killer flares covered in this print so I'm pretty sure it means paisley is 70s approved!

Perfect paisley prints:

5. Round sunnies
I've had a round pair of sunglasses since last summer and I got so much wear out of them; I know I will this year too, even more so now that the 70s is a huge hit. The round shades are a staple 70s piece so how could I finish this post without including them? Keep your eyes protected from the rays whilst looking super trendy! This pair is literally insane.

Rockin' rounds:

How are you nailing the 70s trend?

P.S. What do you think of my attempts at alliteration haha! P.P.S. Check out all my other 5 Tips posts here.

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 70s trend, I think I've finally found a style that both suits my personality and my body, SUEDE! Love it xx

    Halcyon Velvet

    1. Ahh that's amazing! It's so good when a trend comes together, I'm absolutely loving the 70s too! X

  2. Ohh I love this - super cute! Definitely in love with the fringing and suede!

    Charlotte xx

  3. i absolute love your styling, Girl you look so stunning <3
    Love the jacket so much !

    lovely greetings from germany,
    Jules from

    1. Thank you! You'll see it fully in action on Friday! X

  4. How this is how to do a modern 70's trend! You look amazing!

    Caroline x

    1. Thanks Caroline, pleased you like it :) X

  5. I really enjoyed this post and I have to say I'm loving the 70s trend so far :) I really really love that fringed jacket in the photo it looks gorgeous!
    Love Holly x

    1. You''ll be able to properly see it in action in Friday's post! I'm also a huge fan of this trend - hence why I just had to share! X

  6. I am loving this trend, I really want a suede skirt! x

    Joanne // Fashion Polaroids

    1. I think the 70s is a hugely popular trend; I recently bought a suede dress and I think I'm in love! X