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Wardrobe Essentials

back to basics with 5 wardrobe essentials including a tshirt and leather jacket and little black dress and boots and jeans

Following a Twitter chat a few weeks ago, I was inspired to put together a fashion basics/essentials post for those of you who aren't as adventurous when it comes to fashion and would much rather like to see, and wear, a basic tee than a bright co-ord. I uploaded a video showing you my Top 5 Wardrobe Essentials which I hope if useful if you're after a wardrobe revamp or are just looking for a few basics to add to your wardrobe.

Watch the video here:

1. T-shirt
Who doesn't own a Tshirt? These are wardrobe essentials, the basics to any wardrobe. I love the Topshop Tshirts and sometimes they're even on offer but I noticed that Missguided is currently offering students 25% discount and they have some that look pretty similar! I've listed a few below and I'm sure I'll be bagging some myself!

Casual Tshirts:

2. Jeans
Essential. Need I say more? I practically live in my jeans all year round! I did a video on my 5 Favourite Jeans not long ago and a blog post too, so if you'd like to see which jeans I love then check out those posts.

Favourite Jeans:

3. Boots
I'm always wearing boots, I'm sure you can all vouch for me when I say that. It's rare to find me in anything other than boots. I think they instantly make a simple look a little more elegant and put together. Black boots are my favourite as they go with just about everything, and I have far more black pieces in my wardrobe so it puts my mind at ease.

Booties I love:

4. Little Black Dress
Whether you're going out or just running a few errands an LBD can be the perfect piece. You'll see how I style the two versions mentioned in my video in the next couple of posts (going up tomorrow and Friday); it's just such an easy piece to style.

Dressing Up:

5. Leather Jacket
I'm not even going to say anything. If you're a long time reader then you already know about my love affair with leather jackets, and if you're new you can find out. See all the different ways I wear my leather jacket.

Leather Jacket lust list:

What are your Top 5 wardrobe essentials?



  1. perfect essential list :)
    kisses from dubai ♥

    1. These are definitely my top 5 essentials! X

  2. My top 5 is probably the same as yours, I probably wouldn't survive without a leather jacket haha!

    1. Yes Sara!! I could wear a leather jacket all year round - it's my favourite piece! X