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My Final Thoughts of LFW

peexo fashion blogger photographed by loic brohard
Photo taken by Loic Brohard

I love fashion week, I really do. Not necessarily because of all the shows as I mentioned before I am really an amateur when it comes to reviewing and commenting on the catwalk but I simply love the atmosphere surrounding fashion week - the people, the street style and just being surrounded by people who basically love the same thing you love.

This season though I felt that in a way fashion has become about the person who is dressed in the most unconventional way and the person who hasn't made that much of an effort but is recognised simply by numbers. Now don't get me wrong, nothing is free in this world nevermind this industry, but I've been feeling a little deflated recently when it comes to recognition and working with brands. For me, fashion week is an opportunity to really showcase your style and how you can adapt to suit trends and just basically have fun wearing something you usually wouldn't wear. It's great to an extent but when you begin to be somewhat taken advantage of it becomes very tedious.

I mentioned on Twitter last week why I was frustrated by brands and judging by the response it seems like we all agree, Bloggers and PR's will often say it isn't about numbers but about content. However, when images/videography of you is used and you're not credited (but another blogger, with higher stats, in the same video is) it becomes clear that blogging is, and will probably always be, a numbers game. From the business aspect of things of course I see it but I think LFW is about celebrating fashion and that shouldn't have anything to do with who you are or your numbers, it should just be about fashion. Sadly, it's not.

Rant over.

I'm still chuffed I went to London Fashion Week this season, I know I would have regretted it if I had missed out on it (after all it's only my second season!) I'm not a fan of the new location though I have to admit, what do you think of Bewer Street carpark?

I hope you enjoyed my coverage of my 3 days this season, if you missed out then you can look back on all my LFW posts here. Now it's time for a well deserved break from all things fashion week and back to my usual posts; I have so many to share with you and I just can't wait!

Were you at LFW this season? What were your thoughts?


  1. Your rant was warranted and I agree with you one hundred percent. 'm across the pond from you (in the U.S.) but have very much enjoyed your coverage of London Fashion Week (kudos).

    1. Thank you so much, so pleased to hear :) & haha, I'm glad to hear you don't think I'm a complete loon!

  2. Gutted I didn't get to see you lovely - it would have been amazing to catch up and chat about the things you bring up here as these issues have been on my mind a lot too! Also, the new LFW location was poo, so bloody stressful!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

    1. Pleased I'm not the only one thinking this at the moment! Hopefully we can catch up sometime soon lovely Xx