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Surviving Your First Time at LFW

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Rewind a couple of months back and I was planning my first ever season at London Fashion Week, I feel like everybody I followed who went to LFW had been going forever so I was somewhat worried about going and what it would be like as a first-timer. It wasn't that long ago for me so I thought I'd put together a mini guide for those of you who are completely new to Fashion Week and will be going for the first time this season.

Comfortable Shoes. Whether they're stuffed in your bag or already on your feet these are an essential! One of the worst things is being unable to walk in your amazing new heels. Last season I wore boots and when I did wear heels I had some back ups in my bag.

Chargers. So important. After all, as bloggers we want to be able to share everything across our social media platforms so it is imperative to have every piece of technology charged and ready to go. If you have any portable chargers then make sure you have those too, particularly for these iPhone's which seem to have a non-existent battery nowadays.

Take Photos. This is something I didn't do enough of; I felt a little overwhelmed by it all and when I was looking over what I took there really wasn't much.

Get Involved. It's good to get involved in as many things as you can during Fashion Week, there is so much going on and so many brands involved that there is bound to be something you're interested in. Last season Depop asked for bloggers attending LFW to get in touch, I did and it was great fun to be involved - it just gives you a little more of an incentive to go (particularly if you're anything like me and chicken out of things far too easily).

Tweet. I love tweeting and find it's a great way to speak to new people - even before heading to events I usually ask on Twitter if anybody else is going so I have an idea of whether or not I will know anybody there. 

Speak to people! Last season I spotted loads of my favourite Instagram ladies and wish I had gone up to them and said hi! It can be a little awkward to go up to someone and have a major fan girl moment but why the hell not! I saw loads of ladies whose blogs I love but I was too embarrassed to say anything to them which is something I really need to work on, let's see how I get on with that this season.

Enjoy. There's no point spending your time worrying; if you let worry consume you can end up leaving feeling a little underwhelmed.

If this post wasn't enough of a ramble then I also filmed a video showcasing a few essentials and how I stay organised in the city during fashion week, I hope you like it!

Obviously I'm no expert when it comes to Fashion Week, and this season in particular will be new to all of us because of the location change (I'm a little bit gutted it will no longer be held at Somerset House to be honest) but I'm looking forward to this season!

Will I be seeing you there?


  1. What great advice! It's wonderful that you got out and experienced some of London Fashion Week. The quality of your YouTube video is excellent and you look fabulous in it. Your mascara is very pretty. Sorry I haven't uploaded any new YouTube videos myself, but I have subscribed and love watching yours. The notepad is a great Idea. It seems I'm always scrounging for something to write on. I'm on the other side of the pond from you, but could still utilise your advice here if I could get it together.

    1. It's definitely hard to stay organised. I didn't stick to half of my tips and forgot one of the essentials - and umbrella and ended up caught in the rain on day 1 haha!