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Summer In Portugal

peexo fashion blogger holiday in portugal
Let's take it back a couple of weeks to my holiday in Portugal. I was in Portugal for 4 weeks this summer and to be completely honest, I don't have much footage to show for it but the little I do have I put together for you to see. I've been useless at vlogging this summer - I did try! 

If you've been completely out of the loop this summer and want to catch up with what I got up to then you can see all of my summer posts here.

I'm currently packing once again which you can see over on snapchat: pee.xo

Did you go anywhere this summer?


  1. Loved watching this! It seems like you had a wonderful summer! I went to Denmark... WOW haha ;P

    1. I have never been to Denmark, it's somewhere I want to visit! Thank you Annlouise X