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Makeup Products with SPF

makeup favourites SPF summer holiday
SPF makeup favourites summer

I didn't realise this was solely focused on two brands, it was completely unintentionally, these were just my picks for Crete.

Moisture-protect emulsion SPF 30

I hate to admit that I still don't really know what this is for but I used it on my face whilst on holiday and really enjoyed trialling it. I applied this as I would apply any moisturiser, with the added bonus of SPF 30 which meant I wasn't caking my face with too many products which is an essential for me on holiday as I barely ever wear a lot of makeup instead, opting to give my skin a bit of a break. It's a really great travel size too and the added vitamin is obviously a great bit of a boost for your skin.

Instaglow CC cream SPF 20

So obsessed with this, although it's called colour correcting I'm not too sure whether it does colour correct, I personally don't think there's a great deal of colour correction when I apply it but I still love using it. I used it every evening on holiday, choosing this over my foundation. Now back in the UK I use it as more of a base for my makeup, it gives a glowy finish which is perfect during the summer (even if our summer right now is non-existent).

Skin tint + SPF 20

Surprisingly I didn't get a lot of use out of this on holiday, I think purely down to me being really lazy when it came to makeup. Nonetheless, I was using this in the UK prior to leaving and I've gone back to it now that I'm home again (I did wear this when Andre and I visited Santorini as I was away for the day and needed a bit more coverage to last all day - from 6AM 'till 10PM). I'm currently in love with this kind of packaging too, it's really slim and compact which is a great travel sized product for either your handbag or a holiday.

Dragon's blood hyaluronic moisturiser SPF 15

I used this every evening without fail, I read up on the benefits of hyaluronic and apparently it's just a boost for your average moisturiser. I find my skin becomes more dry and dehydrated on holiday, which is probably the case with most people but I notice it even more especially as I have normal-dry skin. I'm still using this now and I think I will continue to, you can definitely use this during the day or under your foundation for some SPF if the other products you use don't contain any but as I had a few products with SPF already in them I just used this as my standard night time moisturiser.

What are your favourite makeup products with SPF?


  1. I love having SPF in my makekup because then it's so much easier to remember sunscreen! haha :)

    1. I didn't use any sunscreen on my face thanks to these products, it's seriously life changing! I didn't think I'd get as much use out of these on holiday as I did so I'm really impressed with these products! X

  2. I've been using Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation for years. It's SPF 20, I find it goes on really easily and is light enough to wear throughout summer but gives enough coverage to even up my skintone. I'm sure there are other foundations out there that are just as good, but I've not found one yet!

    1. I think it's always tricky with foundations as I don't always need SPF in them so I don't think I had any in my collection before this summer (which is crazy now that I think of it!) I haven't tried that foundation, I'll need to pop in and pick it up! X


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