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What To Do In Santorini In a Day

Santorini, Greece
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Oia Village

Santorini seems to be the location of the summer, it's truly beautiful and although I wasn't there for long (Andre and I went on a day trip from Crete which is quite popular) in my opinion it was just enough time to explore the tourist areas of Santorini.

Our first stop was Oia village which I think is the most popular tourist destination in Santorini, it literally looks exactly like all the pictures you come across when you google Santorini so it didn't disappoint. The pathways lined with white houses were endless, you could get lost in this small village. One thing I will say is that it is very small and I don't think you really need that long to explore the whole village. One thing I realised during this trip is that Santorini is very sparse, there are very popular areas such as Oia and Fira but the rest of the island is pretty deserted, not much to see and not much going on really.

peexo travel santorini


We quickly stopped for lunch at a small restaurant overlooking the ocean, the food was pretty good as well as our first experience of Greek food believe it or not, we were staying in Crete on an all-inclusive basis so we weren't eating out enough to try authentic Greek food sadly. It was a short stop because we still had more exploring to do so we ate our meal and set off to explore once more...



We then drove to the capital city, Fira, which was equally as busy but somewhat more commercial with loads of little shops and stalls as well as places to eat and stop for ice-cream! A city which still encompasses the beauty of the white and blue island but with more to do. We were quite tired by this point so we took a walk around the area and stopped at a gorgeous roof top for a drink with a view. We also picked up souvenirs from here as apparently they're the cheapest in the city, I always leave the countries I visit with magnets so I picked up a few to gift family and friends.


Black Beach

Finally, our day trip ended at the black beach - a beach with black sand - we didn't have enough time to take a dip but it was more than enough to take in the view. The area is perfect if you're looking to relax, there are a variety of restaurants to choose from which I imagine will be amazing being so close to the sea.

And that was how we spent our day in Santorini, it was a very long day of travel but amazing to be able to tick off two beautiful locations in one holiday. I uploaded my Santorini vlog last night too so if you haven't seen it yet then go ahead and watch that now.


  1. my honeymoon will be there by the end of this summer! literally cant wait!

    1. Oh that's incredible Nadina! You'll have the most amazing time, and photos will be gorgeous - hope you have a lovely Honeymoon (and congratulations!) X

  2. I need to get to Santorini soon!! This is stunning! Great post :)

    1. Oh you really do! It's definitely the place to visit, it's beautiful. I'm so glad you liked it Maggie, thanks! X


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