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Top 5 Fashion Items You Need On Holiday

maxi dress summer style peexo
summer style maxi dress maxi dress lace up heels

1. Maxi Dress

Who doesn't love a maxi dress? They're what summer is all about. Nothing beats a good maxi dress whether you're jetting off on a city break or beach-bound over the summer, it's such a versatile piece you can do no wrong. I picked out this gorgeous floral maxi dress, paired with some lace up heels (more on those further down) and a lightweight jacket for the cooler evenings.

wide leg trousers floral new look
high waisted wide leg trousers

5. High Waisted Bottoms

Quite unusually I have a pair of high waisted, wide leg trousers to show you - I think you've seen enough of my favourite Farleigh jeans and the weather recently has been awful for shorts. So I'm kind of obsessed with wide leg trousers, I recently tweeted about wanting a pink pair (which I have yet to find, leave me recommendations down below please!) Trousers are so classy, I don't know why I don't own more pairs as I really love the way they look. I think for me it's quite hard to find styles that fit me well and give me the desired effect. These for example are high waisted but short on me, mostly down to my height, and although I don't mind where these sit I know I'd love them so much more if they covered my feet completely because for me that's the ultimate wide leg/flare goal. 

bardot crop top
peexo bardot crop top peexo

3. Bardot

Believe it or not I started this summer off with nothing bardot in my wardrobe but I've rectified that now with quite the collection! This oversized white one from ASOS has to be my absolute favourite, it's so incredible, completely over the top but I love it! I have quite a few but for some reason the cropped styles have really caught my eye the most, they're really flattering and go with the majority of my high waisted holiday wardrobe.

lace up sandals new look

4. Lace-ups

This is a no-brainer. I've been wearing lace ups throughout spring and am just completely obsessed with them, from flats to heels, I've got at least one of everything! These flat sandals are the latest addition to my collection (you can see my entire collection in my lace up shoe collection video), these are a stunning grey-brown colour and ridiculously comfortable! New Look always has footwear down and they've really ticked all the boxes with this style.

wrap around playsuit new look
new look wrap around playsuit

5. Playsuits

I've never been big on playsuits and jumpsuits, once again I'm blaming my height for this one but recently I've got quite a few and surprisingly enough they've all fit! On a rare occasion do I find a playsuit that actually fits me without leading to a camel toe, exposing too much skin or simply not fitting. This playsuit is from the tall section and I'm kind of obsessed, the only downside of shopping in tall or petite sections is that the sizing isn't the same as with regular lines, where I'd usually choose a size 6 in some items I can't which leads to somewhat ill fitting pieces. Luckily this playsuit is a wrap around and I was able to tie it at the waist so it didn't look too baggy on me but a size 6 would have been the perfect fit.

What are your top 5 holiday items? See some of New Looks' favourites in their Style on Tour feature.


  1. I need your holiday style! I am actually packing tonight for Mexico and wishing I had a pretty maxi dress now...waaah! haha xx

    1. Have the best time! I'll be super jealous of your holiday snaps for sure Xx

  2. love these bits! going on holiday in 2 weeks and seriously need to start planning my wardrobe!

    anna @ xx

    1. I was so last minute with my holiday wardrobe which is so unlike me! X


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