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My Current Favourite Designer Dupes on the High Street

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Now I'm not a girl who spends a lot of money on clothes or accessories, I'm still at that age where I just want to have lots of things and don't necessarily go out with the intention of buying expensive pieces. Don't get me wrong, I do think at times it's essential to invest in certain wardrobe staples, like a leather jacket for example, but other times - often with on trend pieces - I like to find cheaper alternatives on the high street.

Currently I have fallen for two of this summer's hottest designer pieces: Dior sunglasses and all things Aquazzura, who come out with a must-have shoe seasonally. Public Desire are my go-to for designer shoe dupes, they're so quick with stocking amazing dupes and everything is super affordable, if you're a student like I am there's student discount all year round and boosted discounts are constantly flying about (I usually tweet about those so keep an eye out on my Twitter: @peexo to stay in the loop). Not forgetting these killer shades, La Moda have got the Dior dupes down! But be quick, they're constantly selling out! They have a huge variety of colours as well as styles, in my current collection I have the black and goldrose gold and silver.


  1. So stunning as usual! The pom pom heels add such a nice touch :)

    1. Thanks Rianna, I love them! They're the perfect aquazzura dupes and in this outfit make quite a nice colour-clash! X

  2. I'm obsessed with all of this!! That romper is amazing :)

    1. Thanks Maggie! It's gorgeous, fits really well too X

  3. This is great! I love everything about this outfit!

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

  4. You look beautiful and the shoes are stunning! I love the print of that playsuit :)

    1. I'm obsessed with the playsuit, I'm actually so surprised by how well it fit - I always struggle with playsuits but love this one so much! X

  5. loved this look!

  6. I think your more beauty when use long dress :D


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