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A Suit Obsession (& You'll Never Guess Where This One Is From)

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I'm always keen on trying new trends - whether they be right up my street or a little out of my comfort zone - I'll always give a new style a go. This is one of the reasons why I love blogging so much, it really opens up these opportunities and I try much more than I would have dared try in the past. You've probably noticed that my recent obsession has been suits: skirt suits, shorts suits, striped suits, pastel suits.. you name it, I've probably worn it!
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There's something about a two-piece suit that I blimmin' love! I have quite a few in my collection, most of which I've shared on my Instagram already (seriously, if you like seeing my style then that's the best place to follow me - I'm constantly sharing my daily looks! Find me by searching @peexo).


My favourite thing about suits is the options you have with just one suit/two pieces. Firstly, it's so easy to wear both pieces together as they're intended - as a suit - you can change it up by pairing the two-piece with different colours and styles of tops. You can also break up the suit and style each piece individually. Now I know, it's not rocket science but often the easiest thing to do with a two-piece suit is to wear both pieces together and you end up forgetting that the two don't need to be paired together all the time!

For instance, with this suit, I know that these trousers will be the perfect item for spring/summer! Paired with a crop top or a cami and some sandals would make a great outfit on holiday. Add a shirt to the trousers and some heels for a smasual (smart casual) outfit. Blazers make for the perfect pairing with dresses so pick out your favourite summer dress to wear with this blazer layered over the top in spring.

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Onto the best bit, this blazer and trouser suit combo is from Primark! Both costing a mere £35 (blazer: £20, trousers: £15) now where else would you find a two-piece suit for less than £40? Recently I've been singing all the high praises of Primark but I just can't help myself, everything they're doing right now is just so good! I uploaded a haul video on my YouTube channel a couple of weeks ago (you can find my channel by searching 'peexo vlogs' on YouTube) where you can see all the amazing pieces I've picked up recently - watch my Primark haul here.
peexo striped suit primark glamour
Striped suit blazer - Primark
Top - Miss Selfridge
Striped suit trousers - Primark
Black ankle boots - (c/o) Public Desire
[Photos taken by Maria]

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  1. I cannot believe that suit is Primark! I would never have guessed it! They've really started to up their game - I must visit the store more. I'm loving suits and any sort of co-ord at the minute too - you're so right about it giving you so many more outfit options!