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 Today's blog post is probably pretty boring as far as blog posts go but I just wanted to go back to basics and share what has been my go-to outfit over the past couple of weeks. I'm definitely in a bit of style rut despite knowing exactly what I want to wear (I mean, have you seen the extent of my spring wardrobe already?! FYI if you haven't, it's pretty much plastered all over my Instagram (@peexo) at the moment!) Sadly it's still too cold for all my spring picks so I've been reaching for a variation of this outfit on a near daily basis.
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personal style blog peexo london
I would say my favourite times of year to shop are spring and autumn, that's when I'm the most excited about a new season and a style overhaul. With today officially marking the first day of spring (it's hard to believe I know) I've been absolutely loving all of the spring pieces that are hitting the high street and loathing the fact that I still can't wear any of them because we've had snow in March... say what?! Still can't quite believe that.

So whilst I try to make the most of any sunny spells and get some photos taken that remotely remind me of spring... I just can't actually wear those outfits on a daily basis because it's far too cold! I'm left with no other alternative than to basically re-wear the same few pieces (because I'm adamant that I definitely won't be giving in and purchasing more knitwear until next winter).

peexo london style blog peexo style blog london
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You can never go wrong with an all black look and that's exactly what I've been reaching for. Nothing groundbreaking, simply a reflection of my current mood towards the weather. I've been reaching for my absolute favourite jeans, the ASOS farleigh jeans. Recently I've seen quite a few people trying the farleigh jeans and not liking them for various reasons and I would definitely say that they suit a particular body type. I'm a pear shape (I find this the best way to describe myself, I know it's a bit of a faux pas but I think it's something we all understand) where I have a small upper body/chest, small waist but larger thighs and bum and these fit like a glove. They go over my hips and thighs perfectly and cinch in at my waist which is exactly what I want in a pair of jeans. I know they're not for everybody but I'm constantly recommending them!

I've been wearing this oversized coat from New Look for what feels like the whole month, it's brilliantly cosy and keeps me warm which is an essential at the moment as spring is nowhere to be seen! The rest varies, I've thankfully switched out a roll neck for a plain black top, my bag has pretty much stayed the same on repeat - a beauty from Accessorize which despite being monochrome I think definitely feels like a spring bag - and shoes will depend on what I'm up to. I've been reaching for my black converse a lot though so I thought I'd share these today.

peexo everyday stylemonochrome bag accessorize black and white converse
peexo winter spring transitional style

Coat - (c/o) New Look
Top - (c/o) Miss Selfridge
Jeans - ASOS
Converse - (c/o) USC
Monochrome bag - Accessorize
[Photos taken by Maria]


  1. I’ve also been in a Style rut and mainly wear my Gucci dupe tshirt with a belt, frayed jeans, red boots and red aviator faux fur jacket! It’s just so stylish and I I’ve wearing it! Nice shots!

    Isobel x

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    1. Recently I've been blaming everything on the weather but it's 100% the weather! I'm so ready for spring time now X