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Focusing Less on Hauls and the New, New, New Culture

reducing fast fashion consumption

This is such a tricky topic for me if I'm being completely honest but I want to try and do better. The thing is, with this job comes a lot of new stuff: new clothes, new shoes, new equipment, new tech - there's a lot of new items I talk about because that's a huge part of what I do. Equally, I'm becoming more and more aware of the impact this has on the environment and fast fashion in general so it's something I'm aiming to think about more throughout 2019. This year is all about trial and error for me, just trying to better my shopping habits in a way that still allows my content to be appealing.

peexo reducing fast fashion consumptionpeexo reducing fast fashion consumption


peexo winter style outfit
I'm going to try my best to be more responsible with my purchases in 2019. Ultimately, focus less on buying clothes and move that focus to styling pieces that I already own. Of course this doesn't mean I won't be buying any new items throughout the year because it's just not feasible whilst working in this industry. Part of my job is to trial new products, style new trends and share what's new on the high street so that you can go out and buy them yourself if you want to.

One way I'll be tackling my fashion consumption is by sharing less haul videos on my YouTube channel. Towards the end of 2018 I got in to sharing haul videos on a weekly basis and whilst I loved this, and really felt like they were loved by you too, I found myself making pretty large orders for the sake of having that haul video up on a Sunday. In my opinion it's not the right mentality to have and so I'll definitely be reducing the number of hauls I share on my channel this year. That's not to say that I won't share any at all but I doubt I'll be sharing them on a weekly basis and when I do, I want to shop at my leisure, for things that I actually need or want to try out rather than shopping because I know I have a video coming up.
winter outfit inspiration london street stylelondon street style winter
Like I said, a big part of what I want to change this year is the sheer amount of shopping I do. Honestly, I know the delivery drivers by name as they constantly show up with bags of my online shopping on a near weekly basis! Whilst it is a big part of what I do - after all, I wouldn't be able to share as much content as I do without having new things to share - I want to try and reduce this as much as I can. Not only for the environmental factors but also because I want to spend less on shopping and rather focus on saving as much as I can.

I think focusing on new ways to gather inspiration will be hugely beneficial for me. Currently I browse the new in sections of my favourite high street stores, the likes of ASOS, New Look, Topshop and more to find new pieces I love. Once I pick out some favourites I begin picturing different outfits I can create, usually with other pieces from the new in section and next thing you know, I've placed a massive order arriving next day! I'm so used to browsing online when I'm feeling a little lost for inspiration that I think this will be pretty hard for me. One way I think I'll tackle this is by rediscovering inspiration pages like Pinterest and also create more inspiration collections on Instagram.
winter layering
peexo reducing fast fashion consumptionpeexo reducing fast fashion consumption
winter fashion layering
It's a challenge when it comes to creating content because honestly, it feels like a lose-lose situation. On one hand, I want to save more and spend less money on clothing, shoes and accessories but on the other hand, I know that this will make my content less appealing to some people.

For instance, I mentioned my weekly haul videos which were, and still are, some of my best performing videos (they undoubtedly get the most views, comments and likes compared to my other content) which makes it tricky to give that up knowing that my content and reach is likely to suffer as a result. Being a blogger involves sharing so much new content across various social media channels - and that is often a challenge in itself - so limiting myself on how much I buy and therefore, what I'm able to share is really quite daunting. I'm hoping to obtain a happy medium this year, reducing my fashion consumption whilst maintaining the level of content I produce throughout the year. With that said, I'm sure that it will be a challenge but I hope it's one I'll be able to stick to.
winter layering personal stylewinter personal style layering peexo

Faux fur coat - Lipsy
Longline blazer - Primark
Roll neck - Stradivarius
Belt - New Look
Black jeans - (c/o) Paige Denim
Handbag - (c/o) Carvela via Shoeaholics
Ankle boots - (c/o) Public Desire
[Photos taken by Faith]

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