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Why I Started Blogging vs Why I Blog Now: 5 Years of Peexo

why I started blogging vs. why I blog now
There's no doubt that the blogging world has changed so much since it first began. Even just during the 5 years I've been blogging, the changes have been huge and it continues to change every day. There are times when I don't really know where I fit in in the blogosphere anymore which is quite daunting admittedly but one thing I do know is just how much I enjoy it. Today marks 5 years since I first hit publish, I remember being so scared about sharing my first post and if you were to tell me back then that a few years later it would be my full time job... well, I probably would have laughed but here we are.
why I started blogging vs. why I blog now

why I started blogging vs. why I blog now
peexo why I started blogging vs. why I blog nowpeexo why I started blogging vs. why I blog now

5 years ago in my first year of university I decided to start Peexo. It's something that I had been thinking about at the back of my mind but I had been too scared to just go for it, thinking that nobody would be interested in reading what I had to say and that not many people knew about blogging.

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Despite that, I just did it. I hit publish and started my journey with Peexo. Sometimes that's really all it takes. Taking the plunge and trying something new, taking a risk and just doing what you love.
why I started blogging vs. why I blog nowwhy I started blogging vs. why I blog now
peexo why I started blogging vs. why I blog nowpeexo why I started blogging vs. why I blog now

When I first started out, I knew this was something I wanted to pursue long term and alongside choosing a blog name and creating my first blog post, I also searched on Etsy for a blog template, created a Facebook page, a Twitter account and Pinterest to go alongside my blog. My Instagram already existed (and was what inspired my blog name) but it was for personal use as opposed to showcasing outfits. When it came to setting up my Instagram to go alongside my blog, all I did was set it to public and went from there.

I think sticking to it is one of the biggest challenges when you first start out and it's why I think you really need to have a passion for blogging and this industry in order to succeed. Without it, the nights of very little sleep, days spent shooting (throughout the freezing cold winters and scorching hot summers) and editing content, followed by hours glued to your phone and laptop will quickly defeat you.
why I started blogging vs. why I blog nowprimark pleated midi skirt
why I started blogging vs. why I blog now peexopeexo why I started blogging vs. why I blog now

As soon as I started I knew it was the best thing I had done. Whilst I would say I started my blog quite late compared to others in the industry, I really do believe it's never too late to start and if you're thinking about it but are too scared to start out my advice would be to go for it! If you don't enjoy it or find it's not for you long-term then at least you've tried and you won't regret not having given it a go. I would say that starting now is probably much harder than it was when I started in 2014 but it's still a good a time as ever. It will be you and your hard work that will allow you to grow and stand out.

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding blogging is that we do very little work. "Oh it's easy taking a few photos and sharing them on the internet." "It isn't really a real job though is it?" I think until you've tried blogging for yourself, you'll never really know just how much we work and how much goes on behind the scenes of every blog post, video and Instagram image you see.
why I started blogging vs. why I blog nowwhy I started blogging vs. why I blog now
peexo primark blousepeexo pebble print blouse primark

So fast forward 5 years and I'm able to call this my job. I've written a little bit about my decision to go full time before (read my blog post: One Year of Blogging Full Time: A Year Long Diary), it wasn't an easy one and still scares me today if I'm being completely honest. Being self-employed is tough in whatever industry you're in and the blogging/youtube/influencer industry is no different. 

The blogosphere has changed and I've definitely noticed the difference since I first started. I don't blog as often as I used to and a lot of my focus has shifted to other platforms like Instagram and YouTube, as those are two of the most popular outlets right now. As social media influencers it's important for us to be flexible, try new platforms and grow our online presence.

Blogging is still such a new and ever-changing industry and honestly, I'm just riding the wave. We don't know how long blogs will last, we don't know what the next big thing may be but whilst blogging is alive and well, I want to make the most of it because it really is where my passion lies. 

I couldn't be more grateful to you for making this opportunity possible for me and as I reach the 5 year mark, one of the things I really want to try and focus on this year is my blog. After all, it's where I first started this journey and what has allowed me to grow Peexo into my full time job. A big thank you for your support over the years and I hope I can bring life back into my blog.
why I started blogging vs. why I blog now

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  1. Congratulations on achieving your five year blogiversary!!!
    Your black-on-white Dalmatian print blouse and white-on-black Dalmatian spot wrap midi-skirt from boohoo look very pretty being worn together. I also love the look of the fabric and that it's machine washable. You look pretty wearing it.
    Thank you for the five years of lovely posts you've published that we can all enjoy reading and looking at.


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