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Why I'll Be Making an Effort with Film Photography

film photography

I bought my first disposable camera last year for my summer holiday in Portugal after seeing so many people trialling film photography. I didn't go for anything fancy, I literally just bought a couple of cheap disposable cameras from Amazon (I bought the Fujifilm Quick Snap) and I absolutely loved the photos I took. The whole process of taking a photo and not knowing what it will look like until it is developed makes it all so exciting! It took me a while to get mine developed over the summer but once I did, it felt like I was reliving my holiday all over again which I loved. I really want to make an effort to use film cameras so much more!


Admittedly, I've struggled using it in London for day-to-day life, having only picked up a film camera again over the Christmas and New Year period. I actually still haven't even finished the camera roll (who knew it was so hard to use up 27 shots!) I don't want to just use up photos for the sake of it - I try to take photos that I will want to hold onto as memories - but there aren't too many left, maybe 6 more before I use up this camera and can get the photos developed.

Despite struggling to pick up my film camera in London, I absolutely loved using it whilst I was abroad and that's definitely something I want to carry on! What I'm going to try and do this year is to take it away with me on my travels (read more in my blog post: My 2019 Travel Plans). I think it will be perfect to capture moments abroad and fun to look through once I'm back home and missing my travels! I'll be buying a few to take on my trip to Scotland in a couple of weeks and hopefully doing the same for my city breaks later on in the year.

I recently sifted through the film photos I had taken last year and just fell in love with them all over again, which is what inspired this blog post and the desire to shoot more on film in 2019. I shared my summer snaps in a blog post already (see more in my blog post: My Summer In Portugal on Film) but still have a few others that didn't quite make it onto my blog last year so I thought I'd share them with you now! I just really love how they look and I can't wait to experiment more with film this year.
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