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Scotland From My iPhone: What I Wore and Did

Scotland, UK
what to do in scotlandThis post contains affiliate links marked with [*] and press samples.

I'm back from a mini trip to Scotland! Less than a week away but so many photos to go through! As always, first on my radar are the photos I took on my iPhone - I guess it's because I'm always flicking through them on my phone so I have a rough idea of what I want to share and post. My boyfriend and I got back late Sunday night, I've spent most of the day unpacking (because I managed to fill my suitcase with 22kg worth of stuff for a 5 day trip) and spent the rest of the day filtering through a huge number of photos from the trip which you should be seeing more of soon.

Day 1

peexo what to do in scotlandpeexo what to do in scotland


We had a really relaxed day on our first day in Scotland. We went to stay with my auntie and uncle who live in Aberdeen so that's where we spent day 1. The day started with a lie in (which I'm pretty certain is my boyfriends favourite thing about holidays!) There isn't too much to do in Aberdeen but we were blessed with beautiful sunshine so we enjoyed a stroll on our way to lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon at Codona's where you can do just about everything! We played a round of mini golf (I came second), had a couple of drinks and then ended on the 2p machines and trying to earn as many tickets as possible! We did pretty well and ended up with 800+ which got us 2 mugs and some sweets.

peexo stonehaven deep fried mars barpeexo deep fried mars bar stonehaven

In the evening we drove to Stonehaven, a short distance from Aberdeen, to try a deep fried mars bar! We went to the exact chippy where it was first made and is still sold today. It wasn't great I'll admit but definitely one to try!

Day 2

peexo what to do in scotlandwhat to do in scotland peexo


glencoe house scotland
I was desperate for some proper snow during our trip so we went on a road trip to Glencoe from Aberdeen. It's a long journey - about 4 hours - but we stopped at many beautiful places along the way until we finally reached our destination for the next two nights: Glencoe House.

Day 3

peexo glencoe mountain ski resortglencoe mountain chairlift
glencoe mountain
Time for the real stuff! We spent the next morning up on Glencoe Mountain Ski Resort and it was so bloody cold!! I always say I'll be better prepared for the cold weather next time but I never am. I've got so many photos from this day so I'm going to put together another blog post to show you what I wore and chat a little more about that. We got on a chairlift up to the mountain which offered some incredible views on the way up and on the way down but going down looked far scarier than going up! I've never been skiing before and we had no ski equipment (or ski clothing for that matter) so we just did some good old sledging which I just love. I'm pretty sure we were the only adults sledging down the 75m slope without any children with us but it was such good fun! We then made our way back down, grabbed a hot chocolate to keep warm and headed on our next mini adventure.
loch etive
peexo what to do in scotlandpeexo what to do in scotland


skyfall glencoe scotland
glencoe scotland skyfallskyfall glencoe scotland
what to do in scotland glencoeskyfall film location glencoe scotland
One of the only things my boyfriend wanted to do was to visit the location where a scene in Skyfall was filmed. This turned out to be much more of a challenge than we initially thought. Getting there involved a long drive through the snowy mountains in icy conditions. The exact location is on the way to Loch Etive (which is a dead end) and not well sign-posted at all. We read online that there should have been a Skyfall sign once we reached the spot but it wasn't there anymore, we actually drove past unknowingly and continued all the way to Loch Etive. It was gorgeous and we were the only people at the loch which was incredible, we came across so many groups of deer too, even stopping to feed some which was pretty surreal!
wild deer scotland
peexo what to do in scotlandwhat to do in scotland peexo

Oh, and all of this was without any network connection at all - hence why we ended up getting lost! Eventually we were able to find the exact coordinates of the Skyfall filming location and stopped on our way back to the hotel.

Day 4

peexo what to do in scotlandpeexo what to do in scotland
winter snow style

glenfinnan viaductglennfinnan viaduct harry potter
We were a bit more relaxed on our penultimate day with only a few places we wanted to stop off at on our way back to Aberdeen. First up was Glenfinnan Viaduct where Harry Potter was filmed - I'll admit I was a bit underwhelmed by this - I'm pretty sure you can hike to a viewing point but the icy conditions weren't ideal for this so we just saw from a distance (which is why I think I was a bit underwhelmed after seeing so many amazing pictures online!)
ben nevisben nevus scotland
From there we drove through Fort William where we got a stunning view of Ben Nevis and some of the most picturesque mountains covered in snow. We took the scenic route home, driving along mountains and areas filled with snow, stopping for pictures along the way of course.

peexo snow stylepeexo snow outfit ideas
winter snow fashion

what to do in scotland
The last place we stopped off at was in Newtonmore, Kinlock Laggan. This was really beautiful, a bit tricky to get to (my auntie slipped on some ice and ended up driving home with a wet bum and a bruised knee) but such a lovely stop on the way home. As it finally began to get dark, we got on the motorway and headed back.

Day 5
what to do in scotland

Sunday was our last day in Scotland and we didn't have much planned. We woke up to falling snow which quickly filled the streets, we made our way out for lunch and then spent the rest of Sunday packing and watching some films before making our way to the airport for our evening flight.

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